Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walt Disney World Travel Tips: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Epcot is known as the edu-tainment park.  It's filled with lots of fun and practical bits that guests can take into their own lives.  This edu-tainment works for both adults, as well as children.  While many of the edu-tainment aspects of Future World no longer exist, there is one such edu-tainment area that guests can visit which teaches all.  I'm talking about Innoventions. 

Innoventions is often overlooked by both newbies, as well as regular park-goers.  I know...I'm guilty of walking right past the entrance to either side (there are two sections of Innoventions, East and West) and moseying on down to either Test Track or Soarin'.  Worse yet, I'll use the areas as air conditioned means to an end. 

This is exactly what happened on my last trip...I walked into Epcot and started towards Innoventions West  where I was just going to simply walk through on my way to Soarin', Living with the Land, and The Seas with Nemo and Friends. On my way over though, I passed by The Great Piggy Bank Adventure and I thought, I've always heard this was fun...I'm gonna do it!  (I was by myself at the time, so I could freely decide to do what I wanted!)

This game, which is presented by T. Rowe Price allows guests to learn the importance of financial planning to help us get what we want from our money. In the game, guests will play three interactive games where they attempt to save up enough money (loading up a piggy bank in the process...yes you are given a piggy bank to carry and yes, he is darn adorable!) and avoiding the wolf who is there to attempt to stop you from achieving your goals.  The attraction/game is designed with kids/families in mind, but I'm gonna be honest...even as a 30 year old adult, I had fun! 

I immediately got in line, where the story began to unfold. There are portraits of the Pig family, as well as enjoying some of the activities and perks you will be attempting to save up for in the process of the game.  After waiting just a few minutes was escorted into the first section.

Here, you interact with a touch screen, giving you an explanation of the game, asking how many players, and you are asked to pick your goal.  You can choose from a bedroom remodel, college education, retirement, or a vacation.  Of course, I'm always looking for vacation, so that's the one I chose!

Once all these questions have been answered, you are surprised with your very own piggy bank (called PIG, which stands for personal investment guides) that will be utilized to help you play the game!  Oh my god! He's so stinking cute! 

The next station we come across teaches us about the importance of saving money.  If we don't have any money to save, well, we can't make our goals come to reality. You place the pig on a conveyer belt, where he then comes to live on a touch screen, and he asks you to help him save.  You do so by watching as coins fall from the sky and you are given the task of making sure they fall into the savings buckets.  Be aware though that this isn't a set it up and leave it alone type game.  You remember how I mentioned that there was a wolf?  Well the wolf comes into play as he switches your savings buckets around for things like candy and clothes, meaning you aren't saving anything!  You must change things around so that your money is being saved, not spent! At the conclusion of the game, our pig is returned to us with the "money" in his belly. (Shake'll hear it!)

The next game teaches us about inflation and the dangers that inflation pose.  Here, your pig floats from balloons as he attempts to manage the up and down wind drafts. Your goal is to collect money by utilizing both a lever and the drafts to get you where you want to go. Be aware that the wolf is there with obstacles that will get in your way. (Inflation.)  Your pig is then returned to you and you head to the third and final game.

The final game is all about diversification.  You should never put all your eggs in one basket, and this game teaches you all about that.  On the touch screen in front of you, you'll see different areas labeled with a growth factor.  That is how much your money can grow by.  One would think it would be the smart thing to just put all your money in the highest grossing area.  But that's not the best option.  You see, every so often, the wolf will come in and steal money from some of your hiding areas.  If you put all your money in one spot and he steals all your money, you are left with nothing. You have no idea where the wolf will decide to take the money from, so it's best to spread it around the room and keep it safe.  (Diversify your money into different assets and if one area tanks, you'll still have money growing in the other areas.)

From there, it's time to see how we did.  At this point, you must say good bye to your piggy bank.  You'll put him in the weigh station and see if you succeeded in the game, or if you failed to save enough money to achieve your goal.  The good news for me, I achieved my goal!  Disney Dream cruise here I come!  (If only that money were real...darn!)

The best part is that the game can continue once you return home!  You'll be able to play various games by heading to

Also, did you know you can now purchase a piggy bank that looks exactly like your pig from the game?! 

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure really is a fun game for all ages to enjoy.  I personally love that it's got that edu-tainment factor that's missing in so much of Epcot nowadays.  Don't pass this attraction next time your visiting Epcot.  You'll have a blast doing it too! 

What are your thoughts? Have you played this game in Innoventions?  Have you taken part in any of the fun that Innoventions has to offer?  Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. 

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

We played this game a few years ago when my mom first went to Disney. We had so much fun! I do love the combination of education and fun, this one just reminds me so much of what Disney is all about!

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear you enjoy it too! It really is just a fantastic attraction!