Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What Happens When An Attraction Goes Down and You Have a FastPass

You've planned your Walt Disney World vacation for months; you've picked which park you want to go to each day, you've made your dining reservations, and you've decided which FastPass+ reservations you wanted. Everything is perfect.

But what happens when the unexpected happens?  What happens when an attraction that you have a FastPass+ reservation for goes down for an issue at the exact time your FastPass is up and ready to be utilized?

Well, the past couple of trips, I was able to experience exactly what happens.

On the first trip, I had a FastPass that I made for Maelstrom.  It went down right before I could make it over. 

The second time was a few weeks later for Pirates of the Caribbean.

As you can see, there are some similarities between the two.  Both say that I can visit the attraction again as soon as it comes back on-line.  In addition, I don't have to do anything to ride; all I need to do is simply visit the attraction, utilize my MagicBand or admission ticket, and I'll be admitted in, no matter the time.

However, if I don't want to (or if the attraction doesn't come back during the day) I have other options that I can choose from.  The options that you can choose from vary, depending on different things.  First, at Epcot, the attraction you can choose from as a secondary choice will depend on the Tier that your first attraction choice was.  For example, Maelsrom was a Tier 2 attraction, so I had the option to choose from any other Tier 2 attraction that Disney has.  (The same would work at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I would suspect...if I had a Tier 1 attraction that went down for issues, I would get to choose from another Tier 1 attraction.  At Disney's Animal Kingdom, I would suspect that all attractions would be available given that they offer no Tiering.)

The interesting part comes when you get to the Magic Kingdom.  You see, because the Magic Kingdom has so many attraction, the park is divided up into different categories.  So, for example, when Pirates went down, we weren't allowed to choose just any attraction.  We could only visit attractions that were somewhat similar. Pirates isn't a thrill ride, so the thrills weren't an option.  However, when we went to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and got evacuated off of it, we received paper FastPasses that were only applicable for the thrill rides.  (Yep...Buzz Lightyear is considered a thrill...ok...unfortunately, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train wasn't an option, so we rode Space Mountain.)

As you can see, Disney takes care of guests who may be inconvenienced by an attraction unexpectedly going down when you have a FastPass+ reservation. Have you experienced an attraction going off-line when you had a FastPass+ reservation? Let me know your experience in the comments or on Facebook!

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Kev said...

Hi Rikki
Thanks for haring this with us!

It does seem that Disney are covering most bases very well with Fastpass+, but it does favor the guests that understand the system very well.

I've heard loads of feedback from guests that feel that the new systems are way to involved, especially for those that really want to enjoy their vacation away from work, and cell phone free!