Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Top Seven Things I'm Most Excited About For My Upcoming Trip to Walt Disney World

I've got a fever. The fever for Walt Disney World.  I am officially less than one week out on a fantastic trip (leaving next Tuesday) and honestly, I've never felt the hours move so slowly, but also so quickly.  It's like a weird time situation!

So, because I literally cannot concentrate on a legitimate blog post to write about for this week, you get this one.  :)  The Top Seven Things I'm the Most Excited About Experiencing During my Upcoming Trip to Walt Disney World!

  • Experiencing Disney's All-Star Movies:  This will be my first time staying at All-Star Movies.  It's the last of the All-Stars I have had on my list to stay in.  While I've explored the resort before, I've yet to spend a night there.  Also, I'm excited because it's the first time in I think I year since I've stayed on Disney property.  So I'm excited to have the full Disney hotel experience. 
  • Visiting with my family:  This is the first trip that my family will have had in Orlando since 2002.  Pieces of my family have been on vacation with me since then, but we'll all be together (sort won't...unless he decides last minute to make a visit during the weekend...if that's the case, then it will legitimately be the first family vacation there as a whole family since 2000. But dad's never really been a theme park fan, so we'll see how this goes.)
  • Taking my grandma for the first time ever:  Speaking of grandma, who is 94, will be taking her first ever trip to Walt Disney World!  While I know this will be a different kind of vacation, taking things slow and letting her rest, I'm excited to see what she thinks of the resort.  I think she's gonna be blown away. (Though it's hard to tell...she's like that former Olympian...she certainly doesn't show when she's impressed very much)
  • Visiting CityWalk:  This trip is a trip to go see my brother and so on the night we arrive, the plan is that he's gonna take us over to CityWalk for dinner.  I'm excited to see this updated version of Universal's shopping and dining district, as well as trying out one of their restaurants.
  • Epcot's Food and Wine Festival:  By happen-chance we planned our trip around the opening weekend of Epcot's Food and Wine Festival! I love opening weekend and I'm so excited to get the opportunity to try some delicious treats and check out the new stuff for the Festival.
  • Be Our Guest Lunch:  I've had dinner here, and now I'm excited about trying lunch!  I've got the Fastpass for it already.
  • Frozen Summer Fun:  I was hoping that this event would get extended because I thought it sounded neat.  I want to take in the Frozen Sing-Along, eat an Olaf cupcake, build a snowman, see the parade, and more!  Even though my family isn't Frozen obsessed (I started watching the movie with my mom back in June and we never did get around to finishing it together) I still think they'll enjoy the event. 
While there are a few other things that I'm excited about experiencing, these are the major ones and why I cannot concentrate, even as I type this blog!

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What do you want to see me do on my upcoming vacation?  Write in the comments or on the Facebook page and you never know, I just may do it! 


K said...

Bring gloves! That ice is cold cold cold in the snowman building area! My fingers hurt when we were done!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder Bun!!! I'll add them to the packing list! :)