Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How Many Days Makes For The Ideal Walt Disney World Vacation?

It's a common question that many ask when planning a Walt Disney World vacation? How many days should I consider for the ideal Walt Disney World vacation? The ideal answer would be an indefinite vacation, however, unless you are retired (which I know some people who do have that luxury), the indefinite vacation is not something that is a reality.

So, that means we need to take a look at some other factors.

Walt Disney World contains four theme parks, two water parks, many different resorts, a shopping/dining district, and so very much more.  You'll want to make sure you see it "all" (I use that in quotes cause even in my many vacations, I still haven't seen it all) but you also want to make sure that you get to relax a bit and full out enjoy your vacation.

For most people, who are just looking for a theme park experience, I would suggest one day for Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios and two days at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  So, I would say that ideally 6 days is probably the best option, with an added day or two for travel.  So, technically we're looking at 7 or 8 or so days.  (Depending on departure times, as well as other factors.)

So, let's say that time was a factor, in that you had a limited number of days for vacation. You could potentially do a majority of things in a full day at Epcot, two full days at the Magic Kingdom (though you could get away with one if necessary), and a full day at the combination of Disney's Animal Kingdom/Disney's Hollywood Studios. The last two parks can conceivably be seen in a half a day each and you'll still feel somewhat fulfilled.  It isn't ideal, but if you are limited, this is, to me the best plan.  So, let's see, add a couple of travel days and you are at 5 or so days.  Again, not ideal...but it's the best option for those with limited time.

But let's say that the number of vacation days you had weren't really a factor. You have three weeks vacation from work, so you can plan for a longer trip. So, with that being said, I would say, one day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, one day at Disney's Animal Kingdom, two days at Epcot, two days at Magic Kingdom, one day at Blizzard Beach/Downtown Disney, one day at Typhoon Lagoon/resort exploring, plus two days travel.  So, with that being the ideal Disney vacation, with times in all of the parks, plus some ample time to relax, I would say you are in the 9 to 10 day vacation range, which really could be perfect.

Here, to me, is the best way you can accomplish this.  Leave after work on Friday or early Saturday morning.  Spend the full week at the Resort and stay all the way through to the following Sunday, taking a later afternoon/early evening flight. To me, this is honestly the ideal number of days for a Disney trip and what I often suggest that people who take trips only once a year, or maybe every few years try to accomplish. 

Of course, for me, living so close to Orlando, we've discovered our own "ideal trip."  We leave after work on Thursday, stay Friday through Monday, and leave either Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  We hit most of the parks, do some park hopping, relax a bit, shop at Downtown Disney and enjoy our time.  What's great, for us, is we know that we'll be back in just a few short months. 

So, let me ask you....what is your ideal number of days to take a Walt Disney World vacation?  Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page.

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

We usually end up for six days seven nights... but this New Year's, we're doing 11 nights! I can hardly wait. The in-laws have asked if we'll get bored but I cannot imagine that is ever possible.

Jennifer Ochoa said...

That's how I planned it. One day each at HS and AK and two days each at Epcot and MK. Plus the day we arrive and the day we leave for whatever we feel like for half a day. We are arriving on a Saturday and leaving the next Saturday. (Can't wait!)

Unknown said...

Jessica! That sounds amazing!!! I hope you have a blast during New Years!

Jennifer: I hope you have a great trip too and it sounds like you have a great plan in mind for sure!