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Walt Disney World Attractions Overview: Enchanted Tales With Belle

Enchanted Tales With Belle is one of the all new pieces of New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.  The attraction is half show/half meet and greet and of course celebrates the movie Beauty and the Beast.

As mentioned in the last post, New Fantasyland was finished last week, with the official opening of Seven Dwarf Mine Train.  The Beauty and the Beast section is one of the largest of the new area and Enchanted Tales With Belle is one of the most popular attractions to come out of the new addition to the park.  Ironically enough, it was originally supposed to be one of three interactive meet and greet/show attractions built, (the other two would have involved Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) however, the other two made way for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

To enter the queue for Enchanted Tales With Belle, first you need to head to the back on Fantasyland, where the all new Castle walls have been built.  If you go through the wall's pathway, you will see immediately Beast's Castle, but if you look a little to your left, you will see the sign for the attraction.

Enchanted Tales With Belle takes place in Maurice's cottage. (Maurice was her father).  You will enter the queue, which is mostly outdoors, that winds through the front garden area, as well as off to the side, kind of under the porch for the house. After you make your way through, you will eventually enter the main foyer.  Here, you'll see a fireplace, a checkers game, lots of books, knick-knacks an area to go "upstairs", and a beautiful portrait of Belle with her mother. It really feels like a lived in home.

Then, all the sudden, a door opens and you are led to Maurice's workshop area.  When you enter, you will see lots of plans Maurice has to build, as well as some of his incredibly fun inventions.

You will also see a very unique mirror.  This is not your every day average mirror.  Instead, it is enchanted. Guests are magically transported to the day when Belle and Beast fell in love.

You then will walk into the Beast's Castle and are immediately greeted by The Wardrobe, herself. She is there to talk you through what your goal is.  You are there to surprise Belle and act out the story of how they met. Parts are available for everyone who wants one! Mostly children are chosen, however, there are a few adults who get to play roles too!  (Brian has been part of the show twice...the only two times he's gone...he must have a face that says, pick me to be in the show!)

I'm not sure if it was because I was there on a slow night the last time, but it appeared that less parts were handed out than the previous time I'd visited.  Not sure if they cut the show down for time constraints from the first time I saw it or maybe they can change the number of parts depending on crowds.

Once you practice your parts, you are then able to move into the library.  Here you are met by Lumiere, the candle stick. Guests who are not a part of the show can choose to sit down on one of the benches.  Of course, the front row is always going to be the best seat, but the theater is so small, that there really is no bad seat in the house.

Lumiere then calls Belle into the room and the story of how Beast and Belle met is told.  One by one, each guest performs their part. Cast Members inform each guest what they will need to say as the show moves forward.

After the story is told, the guests who were a part of the show will get their photo taken with Belle.  In addition, anyone else who would like their photo taken with Belle may do so. My only wish for this was that they would take the suits of armor by themselves individually with Belle.  Each time they are taken together and I don't care to have a photo with the other guy in it. I have had to crop the photo so that it's only Brian and Belle.

After that, the show is then over and guests enter back into Fantasyland to experience more fun.

Overall, the attraction is a good one.  I do feel that unless you have children in your party, it is kind of a one and done experience.  That is especially true given how monumental the wait times have been for this attraction.  There just isn't enough to bring me back to this one over and over again. (Which makes me glad that they built the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train instead of the other two play and greets.  The coaster will have tons of re-ridability for all.

I am glad to see that Beauty and the Beast got a whole section in the New Fantasyland portion.  It really was time that the movie got quality representation.  (We have to remember that Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage was added with the movie...after that, it's been over 20 years since there was any sort of attraction based on the popular franchise.)

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