Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Walk-through for Making FastPass+ Reservations at Walt Disney World

The hubby and I have trip planned for Walt Disney World during the beginning of May.  Because of that, I decided to make our FastPass+ reservations ahead of time. (Annual Passholders and those staying off-site can now make reservations up to 30 days ahead of their vacation, where as Disney resort guests can make their reservations up to 60 days ahead of time.)

Today, I thought I'd show you a walk-through of the process of making your FastPass+ reservations via the My Disney Experience app.

First things first, after you log in to the app and make sure that you have linked your ticket media into your account, you can then begin to make your FastPass+ reservations. 

When you log on via the app, you will need to select which day you want to make your FastPass+ reservations for and you are asked if you want to choose new experiences or modify current ones.  To start, we'll choose new ones.  

After that, you will need to select who among your traveling party you want to make your FastPass+ reservations for.  If you have other friends and family in this section, you can choose to make the same FastPass+ reservations for all of them, or you can pick and choose who this particular FastPass+ reservation is for.  

You'll then need to decide which park you are making your reservations for.  Currently, you can only make reservations for one park, per day.  Park Hopping will be allowed in the near future.

From there, you will be given a list of FastPass+ attractions that are available for you to make reservations for.  You get to choose three attractions from the list.  (Though, keep in mind that if you are choosing at Epcot or Disney's Hollywood Studios, they have two different tiers to choose from.  In Column A, you can only choose one attraction and in Column B, you can choose two.)

You may be asked to prioritize your list.  You will then be given 4 different options of different return times you could potentially choose from.  Keep in mind that these time can be changed later, so choose the one that is closest to when you are looking to experience attractions.  If not everything you selected is available during your entire day, they will let you know and give you similar suggestions.  (Which happened to me today when I tested the ability to get the popular Enchanted Tales With Belle FastPass+ option.  It was still available, but the times were late in the evening.  The afternoon options were for me to be able to visit Ariel.)

Once you choose an option, you will be asked to confirm.

From there, you can choose to make new FastPass+ reservations, change your selections, copy them, or cancel them.

I decided I wanted to change mine, because I didn't like the original times given to me.  (Like I mentioned earlier, choose the times that are nearest to what you want and then change.) So, I went in and had to pick which attraction I wanted to change around. 

I picked Space Mountain, and had the option to change the time, or if I wanted to, I could change the entire experience all together.

I needed to confirm that I want to change the time for all the people in my party.  I can also choose to change just a few members, if I wanted to. 

Then, I get to go in and pick the new time I want to experience the attraction at.

After confirming that it's correct, it's done!

I know it can seem very intimidating, but it's actually very simple to make FastPass+ reservations. The app and website both walk you through, step by step, and you can always go back and change things up if you completely change your mind.  (Given that there are FastPass+ options to change it to.)

You can also let Disney select FastPicks, if you just have no clue what you want to choose, but I would not suggest that.  You can have them choose which park you go to and which attractions you visit,or they can choose everything for your entire visit.

Instead, I would suggest making sure to pick so you have the exact attractions that will appeal to your family.  If you need suggestions on what to pick, check out my list of attractions to choose FastPass+ for. (Though, I will admit, the FastPick can be nice if you just want to go where the wind takes you!)

What do you think?  Does this seem easy enough or are you still a bit intimidated?  Let me know your thoughts on the Facebook page or in the comments.

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