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Walt Disney World Travel Tips: Explore the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot

All too often, I've been guilty of going through the pavilions at Epcot from an outside perspective.  I usually tour the World Showcase countries, but it's not at an in depth sort of experience.  I would walk past them, sometimes go in the front few areas and then keep on trucking.  This is especially true during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival and the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival because I was making my way around to the food booths that are set up around the promenade. 

So, on my last trip in February, I decided to do something a little different.  I was by myself, so I made the executive decision that I was going to really explore the countries and see what they have to offer.  There was no reason not to.  It was a gorgeous day out (not one thousand degrees as it often is while touring World Showcase), so it was the perfect opportunity. 

I started the Mexico way and went into each country, looking at things I've never seen before or exploring things more intricately than I ever had before.  It was so much fun taking my time (and taking advantage of the Kidcot Fun Stops...a topic I will write about in a future blog post!)

I finally made my way to Morocco.  Now, this pavilion is about as authentic as they get.  The country is actually the sponsor of the pavilion and King Hassan II actually sent over Moroccan artisans in the building of this area (So it wasn't done by a corporation, as the other Pavilions had been.)

 Now, I of course have been to the Morocco Pavilion before...and even explored it...but this time the country finally hooked me.  I love all the details that can be found here.  I really did feel as though I wasn't in Epcot anymore.  I was actually visiting the country that I was stepping foot in. 

The pavilion welcomes you with it's ornate design and art.  The tiles are incredibly beautiful.  You can smell the incense wafting all around.  You feel as though you are in a Moroccan marketplace. I absolutely loved the thatched roofs that could be found in the bazaar area.

At Epcot, it's always Hump Day!

 There are some great shopping areas found within the country and many different and unique items for sale, including tiles...of which Brian actually bought one.

Areas here are just so peaceful.  I feel that not many people really explore this Pavilion fully.  (I mean, let's face it...I hadn't REALLY explored it before.)  The pavilion takes you on meandering pathways and it's so wonderful to explore and soak in the atmosphere. 

There are three restaurants found in this Pavilion.  One is Restaurant Marrakesh.  This is a table service location and features couscous, lamb, meat skewers, and more.  It also is well known for featuring belly dancers.  The second restaurant is a counter service location called Tangerine Cafe.  This restaurant features schwarma platters, pitas, and wraps.  You can also pick up pastries, like baklava.  (Yum!) 

The final restaurant is the newest restaurant.  Just opened in January, Spice Road Table is a tapas restaurant.  I've actually dined here and I consider it to be more of a bar with food than a restaurant that serves drinks.  I've tried a few items, including the Cod Coquettes, the Fried Calamari, and the Garlic Shrimp.  I particularly liked the calamari and the shrimp.  The cod coquettes were just ok.  My thoughts are, that I wouldn't go here to get completely full.  But if you were doing a tour around World Showcase and trying to dine at a few places, then I would certainly stop here and share a few small plates.

Also featured in this area is the talented band Mo'Rockin.  They play some extremely catchy tunes with an Arabic beat.  In addition, guests who are looking for characters will be able to find Aladdin and Jasmine.  These two are always ready to say hello!

Morocco is also beautiful lit up at night.  The lights highlight the stunning work and design found in the pavilion.  It is truly a sight to see.

So, you see...Morocco has quickly become one of my favorite pavilions in all of Epcot, just based off my experience during my last trip.  (It is now second behind Mexico...which has always been my favorite pavilion.) It really is like taking a step into another country...even if you are still at Epcot.  I can see myself spending a lot more time here on subsequent visits to the park.  Just to relax and enjoy the general atmosphere.  And I think that you should too. 

What are your thoughts?  Have you really explored the Morocco Pavilion?  What are your favorite parts?  Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page. 

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