Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top Seven Romantic Date Ideas at Walt Disney World

Ah...can you feel it?  Romance is in the air.  Flowers are getting ready to be delivered, chocolate is being wrapped, and some guy is out shopping for some plush animal that we definitely don't need.  (After like 18...I don't want a bee that says bee mine...I don't think I'm the only one.)

With cupid's bow sharply pointed in my direction, I realized that Walt Disney's one romantic place. What?  Isn't it just about the rides and shows?  Well, while that can be romantic too (I mean, awesome is it to be able to have fun with your sweetie in a place where you both get to be kids again!) there are actually some really romantic things that a couple can do while on vacation.  That is, if you can sneak away.

This list isn't going to feature the typical have dinner at California Grill or book the Chef's Table at Victoria and Alberts.  Yes, those are fantastically romantic options, but I wanted to try something a little different. 

So, here's my Top Seven Must Do Romantic Dates at Walt Disney World.

  1. Senses - A Disney Spa:  There are two fantastic spa options for you to choose from.  One is at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort.  The other is at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.  Both have just been refurbished and are top of the line.  I've been to the Grand Floridian one and it impressive.  There is nothing quite like getting a couples massage right there in paradise.  
  2. The fireplaces at Wilderness Lodge/Animal Kingdom Lodge:  Both of these resorts have some fantastic nooks and crannies that feature fireplaces.  Sure, when it's 1000 degrees out, you may not think...oh...let's sit by the fireplace.  But I can promise you, that there is nothing more romantic than sitting by the roaring fire with the one you love. (Bonus points if you can cuddle up in the same chair...which trust me...not super comfy, but I did it!) At Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can also consider using night vision goggles to spot the animals in the savannah.
  3. A horse-drawn carriage ride:  This is one that I've never done, but think it would be amazing.  The rides last for approximately 25 minutes and can be taken at either Ft. Wilderness or Port Orleans Riverside. Both take you around the resort, which both are surrounded by a romantic setting. 
  4. Mini-golf/ice cream: I am a sucker for a mini-golf date.  It's so fun.  It takes you back to the kind of dates you likely went on as a teenager.  You have the competition angle or your significant other can "teach" you how to putt better.  Pair up your evening by sharing ice cream at Ghiradelli.  What a sweet evening. 
  5. Polynesian Beach:  How much more romantic can you get?  You have a beach.  You have the view of Cinderella Castle.  If you get lucky, you can grab a hammock.  And if you time it right, you can get fireworks.  Perfect. 
  6. Taking a flight on Characters in Flight/Dinner: Downtown Disney has some amazing restaurants.  Try Paridiso 37, Raglan Road, Fulton's Crab House, or Portobello.  Pair up a good meal with a sunset ride on Characters in Flight where you can see all of Downtown Disney and then some. 
  7. Stroll around World Showcase at Epcot:  It's so nice to just leisurely stroll around World Showcase, hand in hand, exploring the shops, taking in the performances, and sharing some delicious dishes.  Of course, the optimal time to do this is at night, when World Showcase takes on a beautiful glow.  
So, there are my Top Seven Must Do Romantic Date ideas when touring around the parks and at the resort.  But really, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are a ton of ways to have romantic experiences at Walt Disney World.  Which is where you come in.  What's your best romantic date tip?  Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page!

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