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Dining Review: Cake Cups at the Magic Kingdom's Cheshire Cafe

Updated: 3/16/14

You want to know what my absolute favorite treat at Walt Disney World is right now?  The cake cups that can be found at Cheshire Cafe, which is located in Fantasyland, near Mad Tea Party at the Magic Kingdom.  This little out of the way stand hasn't been known for selling much, besides frozen lemonade, but that has all changed when recently, they rolled out the Gourmet Cake Cup.

Ok, so I know you're thinking...what exactly IS a Cake Cup?

A Cake Cup is this delectible little treat that's basically like a deconstructed cup cake.

But what makes it so special?  It takes a layer of icing (the thick, lardy kind too! Yum!), and then a layer of moist cake, covered on top by more icing, then more cake, then more icing, then more cake til you get to the top and you find a massive pile of icing and an edible picture stuck in the top of either the Cheshire Cat or the Mad Hatter.  

The Cake Cups come in two very distinct and delicious flavors - the Cheshire Cupcake (vanilla) or my favorite, the Mad Hatter Mocha.  (Hence the decorations on the top.)

I had heard about these and knew I had to try them.  They sounded absolutely delicious and right up my alley.  So, I stopped over at the Cheshire Cafe for probably the first time ever last October and ordered the mocha one, since I'm a chocoholic.

I took one bite...and well...I needed a minute.  It was so rich and moist and delectable.  The icing was the perfect amount of sweetness (again, I'm an icing nut.)  It was simply heavenly.  Honestly one of the best treats I've had at Walt Disney World, hands down.

I then tried my friend's, who got the vanilla version and it was just as yummy.  The mocha one had a hint of a coffee flavoring that I enjoyed better, so I have now called it as one of my own. (Along with the Captain Cook's Adult Grilled Cheese.)

These are very rich treats, so I would share them if you're worried about it being too rich.  (You can always buy a second one if you want a little more.)

It appears that these have been extremely popular (yay!) because Disney has added two additional cake cup offerings to the menu!  The first is called the White Chocolate Rabbit.  It appears to be made of yellow cake base that includes small bits of chocolate cake mixed in throughout.  It comes complete with white chocolate ears and an edible flower and vanilla buttercream frosting.  

The second new version is called the Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake.  This version is also made with yellow cake, but there is a strawberry sauce and strawberry frosting included.  It comes with a queen of hearts edible decoration and an edible flower.  I cannot wait to try these two new additions!

I told you it is my new favorite snack and what's even better is I found a way to take it home with me!  Since I live in Atlanta now, I drive down to Florida...and so, with that in mind, this last trip a few weeks ago, I went to the Magic Kingdom on my last morning, specifically to pick up two cake cups to take home with me.  But the question was, how to transport them?

I simply had the Cast Member hand me two cups and two lids and a cup carrier.  I took the goodies to a table and swiftly transferred them into the cups, popped the lids on and then carried them with me out the gates in the carrier.  Volia!  They made the drive with me easily and right now, I have two of my favorite treats in my refrigerator ready for me to eat!  (Oh my god...I realized I just sounded like a crazy

If you haven't tried the Gourmet Cake Cups yet, please make sure you do.  They only have a limited number and once they run out, they are out for the day.  (I found that out the hard way the first night I went to the Magic Kingdom.  I was going to grab one that night to nosh on, but they didn't have any more.)  They will have more the next day though, I promise!

Have you tried the Cake Cups yet?  What are your thoughts?  Haven't had them yet?  Would you want to try them?  Make sure to let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page.

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