Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Communicore Weekly: The Musical

Do you like random Disney fun?  Are you someone who enjoys somewhat oddball humor?  Well, I do!

Communicore Weekly is a fantastic video/podcast with a lot of irreverent playfulness mixed in with a lot of great factual information.   The show explores all kinds of geeky Disney things and is hosted by George Taylor and Jeff Heimbuch.

They recently released a ridiculous showcase, (I say in the most loving way possible), called Communicore Weekly: The Musical!  The premise of Communicore Weekly: The Musical is that for the first time ever, hear the true origin story of how Jeff and George were brought together to face the biggest threat that the Disney theme parks, and the universe, has ever faced: Michael Eisner!  They do this by joining forces with the Five Legged Goat in an effort to save the world (which is coincidentally found in an alternate universe.)

The show is set up like a radio show, that takes place in 2215 (which was obtained by Communicore Weekly through the use of patent-pending time travel technology) called “Theater On The Move” with Audie Kasell as your host.   

In the radio broadcast, they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Communicore Weekly: The Musical, and Audie has brought the actors who play the pivotal roles of Jeff and George (who are actually comically played by mostly Jeff and George) onto the radio show to discuss the anniversary production, as well as to share the music from the show.

I think my favorite songs are Deepest Freeze/Mouse Ears and Slow Jam.  But there are just some fantastic lyrics that have been put together in each and every song.  These are some very creative pieces.

Another favorite part were the little commercials and funny tidbits included as maybe little throwaways that only big Disney nerds would get.  Like The Royal Raven Symone Production Company and Big Dick's Wave Machines, to list a few. 

Also, it's really awesome that Imagineers Rolly Crump and and Bob Gurr have included quick sound bites about The Musical.  Love that these Disney legends are so prevalent in sharing their stories and participating in the online community.

Overall, this is a really creative project.  They've done a fabulous job putting the whole thing together.  It takes a lot of talent to come up with something like this.   

According to Jeff Heimbuch, co-writer of the musical and podcaster, “In the two years we’ve being doing it, we’ve really tried to make Communicore Weekly not just one of the most unique Disney podcasts, but one of the most unique podcasts out there, period. I’ve never heard of a podcast producing an entire musical before. Since we’ve always been a very musical show, it was a natural progression for us to actually produce a musical,” says Jeff Heimbuch.

Communicore Weekly: The Musical is about 45 minutes long.  The cost for the entire album is $2.99.  The tracks include:

1. “Theater On The Move!”
2. Sorry, Squirrels
3. “Flush With Yen!”
4. The Ballad Of The Five Legged Goat (In Telepathic G Minor)
5. “Sacred Texts And Ancient Prophecies”
6. Deepest Freeze / Mouse Ears
7. “Dozens Of Them!”
8. Evil Eisner
9. “Sage Advice!”
10. Slow Jam
11. “Virtual Audio Time Capsule!”
12. Battle For The Magic Kingdom
13. “Treat Yo Self!”
14. “Bloop!”
The musical can be found at either CD Baby or iTunes.You can also find it on Amazon.

Communicore Weekly: The Musical sort of reminds me of an episode of one of my favorite TV shows, Community.  The jokes are random, yet funny, the characters are loveable (Yes, even Jeff and George ;) ), and the music is simply fun.

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