Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top 7 Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays At Walt Disney World

So, the Holiday season is now officially here!  (I'm a traditionalist...Turkey before Tree)  I've got the Disney Holiday music going on, getting the house decorated, buying presents, and being sad that I won't be down at Walt Disney World, yet again at Christmas.  Boo...  However, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is a glorious time to be at the Resort.

Today, I thought we'd take a look at my Top 5 ways to celebrate and some are a little less conventional that you might think.  My goal is to really reach for some less obvious, mixed in with the slap you in the face must dos!


  • Castle Dream Lights at the Magic Kingdom:  Ok, seriously....if you are in Walt Disney World AT ALL during the Holiday season, run to the Magic Kingdom and catch the Castle Dream Lights.  I don't even care if you catch the show that goes along with it (called Cinderella's Holiday Wish), but you NEED to see these lights in some form or fashion.  They are "cry because they are so beautiful" lights.  I know you are thinking...they are just twinkle lights on the castle...but trust me...these will simply blow you away in how gorgeous they are.  I couldn't even comprehend it the first time I saw them in person.  This is most definitely one of those situations where photos do not do this justice.  Yes, they are beautiful, but in person, you will be shocked just by how incredible they are.  
  • Grabbing a Holiday Treat:  The Holiday season is the time for gorging on cakes, and cookies, and fudge, and brownies, and...ahem....I've got to focus....Walt Disney World offers a bunch of options that will fulfill this need.  From Starbucks drinks, to cookies shaped like gingerbread men, to gingerbread waffles, to holiday fudge.  Holy wow....there's a ton of wonderful options available.  There is nothing better than grabbing a special treat, sitting down, and absorbing the Holiday atmosphere.  Which brings me to...

  • Enjoying Main Street USA:  Main Street USA has to be one of the most Christmasy places in all the world.  It's so perfect.  It's got the garlands hanging from the roofs of the buildings, the huge Christmas tree in Town Square (after the Christmas Day parade has taped), the Dapper Dans are singing Christmas Carols, the shops windows have the story of Mickey's Christmas Carol, the snoap, and Cinderella Castle lit up at night.  The sight of red and green permeate your eyes.  Just soak it all in.   

  • Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights:  Speaking of absorbing as much Christmas as possible, one of the other perfect places to do so is on the Streets of America at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This is just as cool as the Castle Dreamlights, except this completely surrounds you in a symphony of color.  What makes this delight even better?  When the lights start dancing to the music!  Holy cow.  You can't believe lights can do this, but they can. Oh...and I'm going to throw in meeting Santa Goofy here because, well, I mean how cool is that?  

  • Taking in the Decorations on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd:  The other thing I'm going to throw in is the fact that I LOVE that Disney's Hollywood Studios puts up tinsel decorations on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd.  I perfect for a park themed around Tinsel Town?  Seriously...I feel like this fact is missed by so many people.  How creative is that?! 

  • Looking at the Different Christmas Trees:  Did you know that each Christmas tree has a different theme to it?  One of the fun aspects of the Holiday season is going around looking at each different tree and trying to figure out what the theme could be.  Some are obvious, while others take a bit more detective work. 

  • World Showcase:  I know what you're thinking...that's a large way to celebrate the Holiday.  The entirety of World Showcase at Epcot.  I mean, that's an entire section of the park.  You're right, it is a large reach, but it all ties together to make the perfect way to celebrate the Holidays at Walt Disney World.  You have each country decorated, celebrating in their own special ways.  On top of that, you have the Storytellers Around The World, where guests get to learn about what each country does to celebrate and how it compares to how we celebrate, both personally and as a country.  You also have the best example of how we should memorialize the season and that's the Candlelight Processional, the retelling of the Christmas story, which is the real reason for honoring the Holidays.  World Showcase is probably one of the most awesome ways to get your Christmas on!  It's full of fun edutainment! 
So, I have obviously missed a ton of great ways to celebrate the Holidays at Walt Disney World, but that's where I want your help.  Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page what your favorite way to celebrate is!

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