Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Mouse-standing List: Saving Mr. Banks - The Offical Multi-Touch Book all know how excited I am to see Saving Mr. Banks, right?  You don't?  I am absolutely, 150% geared and amped up to see this movie.  I'm actually sad that I'll be back home the weekend it comes out, so I won't get to see it for a good week to week and a half after it premieres.  (Unless I can sneak in a viewing at home...maybe I'll be that weirdo who goes to the movies in the middle of a Monday afternoon!  Haha!  I certainly won't get to see it during opening weekend though. Darn family obligations.)

I don't really know why I'm super stoked about this movie.  To be honest, I'm not the biggest Mary Poppins fan.  (I know...I feel that's blasphemous to say).  I think the movie is incredibly well done, the songs are fantastic, I'll watch it when it's on, but it's just never been a favorite of mine.  Hopefully this movie will influence my ideas and make me absolutely adore Mary Poppins.  There's just something about Saving Mr. Banks. Maybe it's the fact that I love Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, maybe it's the fact that it was shot partially in Disneyland, maybe it's because I absolutely adore the Sherman Brothers.  Whatever it is, I CANNOT WAIT!

So, imagine my delight when earlier this week, I found out about a brand new e-book that I thought you guys should know about too!  Called Saving Mr. Banks - The Official Multi-Touch Book, I was excited to check it out and it completely floored me by what was included. 

In checking this book out, there's a lot of pieces that make this book fantastic.  First of all, I think it really uses the e-book format in a creative way.  There's things you can click on that takes you further into the story.  These include fun facts, photos galleries, videos, and audio clips.  This is really one of the best mulch-faceted e-books I've seen.  To me, this is what e-books were created for.  It looks like it would be taxing, but once you get into it, you quickly understand. 


The book is set up into 8 different chapters with 91 pages of content in all.  Each chapter is broken up according to how the story of Mary Poppins progresses, starting with PL Travers herself, to the story of Mary Poppins being worked on, to the filming of Mary Poppins beginning, as well as the premiere, to now, this movie, Saving Mr. Banks.



One of the unique pieces of this book is the trivia that's include.  It doesn't show up automatically, but if you press the umbrella button, up pops the fact. 


What makes this book unique is that it includes lots of great artifacts and details that inform us all about the back story and creation of Mary Poppins.  It goes through the story chronologically, as Walt progressed in making his movie.

One of these artifacts is this.  Look, you see where the audio symbol is?  Press it and really is the actual Sherman Brothers recording. 


This page shows some of the correspondence between Walt and PL Travers.  Great behind the scenes information.


Also included are video interviews with members of the cast and crew of Saving Mr. Banks.  These help to enhance and tell more of the story by the actors own words.


One of the other really neat pieces of this book are the galleries that contain concept and storyboard artwork from the film.  You can even click on the image to examine it in more detail. 


Overall, this book is a cornucopia of information and very much worth the download.

The question is, will this book ruin your experience at the movies for Saving Mr. Banks?  If you want to remain completely spoiler free, then save it for after you've seen the movie.  But most of us know the basics of how Mary Poppins came to light, so while there may be a few moderate spoilers, most of us have a good idea about this movie anyway.
Do you want to know the very best part that I saved for last?  It's a good one...Saving Mr. Banks - The Official Multi-Touch Book is FREE!!!!  Absolutely 100% free.  So what are you waiting for?  Why are you still reading this?  Head iTunes and download it! 

And Disney, if by on the off chance you're reading this, please create more of these e-books for future movies.  This was a fantastic idea.  I'm so glad you did it for Saving Mr. Banks.

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Christen said...

This is great, but you give no information on how to get the e-book!

Unknown said...

Hi Christen!

I originally said head to your e-book store to get it, because I didn't see it for Kindle, but thought it had to be available there. After a bit more research, I've discovered that I think it's only available via iTunes. So, I included a link to iTunes now. :)