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Where To Find Pixar Characters at Walt Disney World

Pixar has been a part of the Disney family since the very beginning.  Eighteen years ago, when Toy Story first came out, the loveable characters that Pixar created became just as endearing and beloved as some of the original Disney classics were.   And Pixar just kept cranking them out.  Each film that's been released includes a loveable character that tugs at the heartstrings and connects with our souls.

Of course, back in 2006 when Disney bought Pixar, these two entered into a marriage that was a match made in heaven and all the catalog of Pixar characters were truly and rightful part of Disney's family.

With that, the characters of Pixar have made their way into the four Walt Disney World theme parks in such wonderful and surprising ways.  Some are extremely obvious (Toy Story Midway Mania) and some are less so (the new Wilderness Explorer's game at Disney's Animal Kingdom).  Today, I'm going to take a look at the Pixar movies and tell you where you can find these characters in the parks!  (PS:  I'm going to obviously miss some, so the ones that I've missed, please let me know in the comments section or on the Facebook page!)


Toy Story (1, 2, and 3)

With Toy Story being the oldest property, as well as clearly being the most popular, there are a ton of locations where you can meet Woody and the gang!

Magic Kingdom
  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (Tomorrowland):  Help Buzz fight the evil Zurg!
  • Buzz Lightyear meet and greet (Tomorrowland):  meet the Space Ranger himself
  • Woody and Jessie meet and greet (Frontierland):  these two can be found near the end of Splash Mountain
  • Woody and Jessie in the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party (Main Street USA):  Jam on down!
 Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Toy Story Mania (Pixar Place):  Compete against your neighbor
  • Buzz and Woody meet and greet (Pixar Place):  meet the lovable duo
  • Pizza Planet (Streets of America): eat a slice and play a video game just like in the movie
  • Hey Howdy Hey Take Away (Pixar Place): includes fun "props" that can be seen in Toy Story 2 
  • Disney's All Star Movies Resort:  a whole wing has been created around the characters
A Bug's Life 

A few pieces of this movie have trickled into the parks.  It's not a lot, but for the lover of this movie, there is one option

Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • It's Tough To Be A Bug (Discovery Island): See what it's like to be the size of a bug in this fun, yet slightly scary, show. 
Monsters Inc/Monsters University
With the smash success of Monsters University, I would like to see them add more to the parks featuring these characters.  (Where is my door roller coaster ride that I've been wanting since the first movie came out!)

Magic Kingdom
  • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (Tomorrowland): Join Mike Wazowski as he attempts to get laughter instead of screams.
 Disney's Hollywood Studios
  •  Monsters Inc Meet and Greet (Streets of America):  meet Mike and Sulley fresh from their college classes   

Finding Nemo
Wow has this movie created a cult following for itself!  There are lots of great options to get up close and personal with Nemo, Dory, and the gang!

  • The Seas With Nemo and Friends (The Seas Pavilion): Help find Nemo with the gang
  • Turtle Talk With Crush: you'll get to talk with actually talk to him...and he'll recognize you back!
 Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Finding Nemo: The Musical (Dinoland USA): Sing along as the story of Finding Nemo is retold via amazing puppetry.  
  • Disney's Art of Animation Resort: a whole wing is dedicated to the movie
The Incredibles  
These characters, much like the movie, is one that not that are commonly talked about, but it's still fun.

Magic Kingdom
  • Mr. Incredible and Frozone in the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!  Street Party (Main Street USA): Jam down with them too!
  • A new dance party has been introduced to Tomorrowland called the #IncrediblesSuperDanceParty
Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • The Incredibles Meet and Greet (Magic of Disney Animation): meet with Mr. Incredible and usually Frozone.  (Though sometimes you'll see Mrs. Incredible).

Cars/Cars 2 
Who doesn't want to say katchow with Lightning McQueen?

Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Cars Meet and Greet (Streets of America): meet with Lightning and Mater
  • Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show (Streets of America):  See Lightning make a small cameo during this action packed show
  • Disney's Art of Animation Resort: a whole Cars wing has been created  
One of the most touching movies EVER.  If you don't cry, you are dead inside.

Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Meet Russell and Dug (Discovery Island):  Meet these two buddies and...squirrel! 
  • Wilderness Explorers (All over Disney's Animal Kingdom): This fun game will have you traipsing all around Disney's Animal Kingdom completing activities to earn Wilderness Explorer badges.

Pixar's first Princess has proven she's got the might and is in charge of her own fate

Magic Kingdom
  • Merida meet and greet (Fantasyland): meet with the fierce princess and play some fun games too!

Now, you will notice that two movies are missing from my list.  The first is Ratatouille, where up until recently, guests could meet the Little Chef, otherwise known as Remy, at Chef de France.    The second movie has seen no tie ins, what so ever and that is Wall-e.  Originally, there was talks to bring in a Wall-e character into the parks, but that didn't work.  It has also been thought about turning Tomorrowland into a bit of a Wall-e universe, but that also hasn't seen the light of day.  It's interesting that these two movies which are not very high on my list of my favorite Pixar movies, and it may be why we don't see them in the me, they aren't as beloved by the masses as most of the other movies were.  (Yes, they've all been good, with the exception of Cars 2 for me...I won't see that movie again...but these two just aren't as fascinating as the other ones to me.)  

So, that's gonna do it for where you can meet the Pixar characters in the Walt Disney World theme parks.  Which characters are the ones you look for the most?  Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook.  

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Philip said...

It's interesting that these two movies are not very high on my list of my favorite Pixar movies, which may be why we don't see them in the parks...they aren't as beloved by the masses as most of the other movies were.


Ratatouielle and WALL-E are VERY beloved by the masses, just as much as the other Pixar films. Do not state an opinion as a fact! >:(

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you felt that my statement here was a fact...I thought it was clear that that part was my opinion.

Actually, my husband is one who LOVES Wall-E. So, see, even in my own family, proof that the movie is loved.

I would welcome either one of these Pixar movies as additions to the park with open arms and was actually sad to see Remy disappear from Chefs de France. I'm also very interested in finding out more about the new Ratatouille coaster that's being built in the Disneyland Paris Resort and would potentially like to see it brought over stateside.

(Also, in response to my not as beloved comment, neither one has very strong merchandise tie ins, which is what Disney usually uses when deciding which attractions...a movie like Cars/Cars2 which has HUGE merchandise potential, was built into a land because Disney knew how much could be sold. Not saying that Ratatouille or Wall-e doesn't have merchandise potential, but it is much less than other movies, like Toy Story or Finding Nemo. Matter of fact, I recently read an article that stated that when Ratatouille first came out it had trouble getting outside companies (for example a company like Kraft) to use the character in advertising products because they didn't want to be associated with rats...while the movies themselves are beloved, the lack of available merchandise for these two movies seems to prove something else.)

Again, I'm sorry if you felt I was not stating an opinion, because that's what it was.