Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Mouse-standing List: Limited Time Magic's Happy Haunted Horseshoe Show


 So, I think it's well known that I haven't exactly been over the moon about this year's Celebration of Limited Time Magic.  Truthfully, I don't think a lot of people have.  However, this past week, Walt Disney World did something for a Limited Time Magic event that I think was EXACTLY what they should have been doing the whole time...(forget this cupcake and dance party stuff...)  As a matter fact, I even posted on Twitter last week how great I thought it was and how I wished that something similar will make it's way into the park on a regular basis sometime soon.

The Happy Haunted Horseshoe, which took place in The Diamond Horseshoe in Frontierland was a fabulous idea! This showcase featured Miss Betty Blue singing jazzy tunes, Abner Cadaver - a talented card and coin magician, Dearly Departed Stan with his rollicking piano tunes, and who can forget, the Cadaver Dans, the dead barber shop quartet. 

Now, the times were very limited, so not a lot of people were able to pop into this fantastic show.  However, if you did get in to see this saloon style presentation, you would have seen great performances by talented acts, funny impromptu bits, and fun audience participation.  It was a hoot and a half for those who got to participate in the excitement. 

While it was themed around these performers being in "grave" states for the Halloween festivities, what it really did was prove to me that acts like this are just itching to come to the Magic Kingdom once again in this very location. 

Currently, this venue is just used as sort of an overflow of things. Recently, it's been showcasing dining during extremely busy periods of the year, like the Holidays or Free Dining, or it's been serving as sort of a dance party central during the Halloween and Christmas parties.  But wouldn't it be great to have a venue like this with a set show schedule once again?  To me, it's been way too long for a show of this nature to be absent from the Magic Kingdom. 

When I went to Disneyland last year, I went to the Golden Horseshoe (a location quite similar to this one) and while Brian and I originally went in for a little relaxation, we were entertained by the great talent that could be found there.  As you can see, there's nothing prettier than a man dressed as a girl...

The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland

While rides are certainly important in theme parks, shows like these are the inner pieces of the onion.  They help to round out the experience.  All the pieces work together to create a full adventure. 

Some of the things I find the most fun when I go down to the parks are Streetmosphere characters, the Citizens of Main Street, DiVine...none of these things are certainly headliners by any means, but they help to enhance the story being told.  My hope is that Disney recently realized this because they have added similar type groups to New Fantasyland with acts like Storybook Circus Giggle Gang and the Royal Majesty Makers.  These types of performers are exactly what The Diamond Horseshoe needs.  A fun, interactive saloon type show would be an amazing addition to not just Frontierland, but the Magic Kingdom.     

Maybe I'm just nostalgic for my Adventurer's Club days.  It was sort of similar in the fact that it was a lot of playing off the audience, intermixed with the "story" that was to be followed.  (By the way, Miss Betty Blue did used to work at the Club!  I recognized her immediately!) But shows like this are fun and are perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle going on outside. 

I really hope Disney takes a look at this and thinks about what a success something like this could be.  It would be great to see this now, more or less dining spillover location, turned into something great once again. 

Now I ask you...what do you think? Would you like to see a Saloon type show in The Diamond Horseshoe or is this just not something that you would enjoy?  Please let me know in the comments section or on the Facebook page. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ricki: I am not big into this kind of a show. But I am big into Disney World being full of details that appeal to everyone. I miss the park specific merchandise, the hidden gems, and the theater type presentations. I do think they need more of this TYPE of event. And this is as good a place as any to start.

Unknown said...

I think you're right. And unfortunately, not everything is going to appeal to everyone, but these small hidden gems like a theater style production along these lines are sorely missing from the parks. I would love to see something like this permanantly.