Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boo To You! Happy Halloween!

One of my all time favorite things to do at Disney is to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Yes, I know that it's expensive because it is a hard party ticket (meaning it's not included with regular park ticket purchases or Annual Passes), but it is a good time!  This year, I didn't get to go, which makes me a sad Rikki.

So, what is it I love about this party?  Well, in large part, it's the Boo To You Halloween Parade.  For those that know, I'm not a parade person.  I would much rather be riding attractions rather than sit for the 3:00 parade.  But there's something special about Boo to You.  It gets me excited for a parade!  Here are my top three reasons why I love it so much.

  1. The characters:  There are a TON of different characters that are included in this parade that help to make it as fantastic as it is.  You've got the gravediggers, the Haunted Mansion ghosts, Clara Cluck, the Country Bears, Jack Sparrow, I could go's a concophony of great characters that you won't see anywhere else and that's what make it awesome.  Becuase they all just work together to make for one fantastic parade.  
  2. The floats:  Seriously...I think these are some of the best floats out of any Disney parade.  You have the pirate ship, Chernabog, a big gumball machine float (which I know, Goofy sits on for Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime parade too...but still...).  Each one tells the story of the parade so well.  We start with classic characters, then Winnie the Pooh, then we move to Pirates, then we pick up with Haunted Mansion, we have a barn/country theme, Villains, and then the best of all, candy...trick or treat candy, scrumdiddlyumptions, good to eat...
  3. The song: the last part leads me to my number three...and that is the Boo to You song.  Seriously...if you don't get that sucker stuck in your head...I don't know how you did it.  It is so darn catchy.  This had to make the list.  
For those who were like me and didn't get to see the parade this year and for those who just want a little fun on their Halloween, I present you with this treat...or tricks required.  Here is the full parade I took last year for your enjoyment.  Happy Halloween!

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