Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Author Randy Crane Wants To Bring ''Faith and the Magic Kingdom'' to the World!

Please help a friend of mine on his project.  It is an intriguing idea that I think many can relate to.  And bonus...if you help, you get something for your support too!

Just like Uncle Walt had a magical dream, so does author Randy Crane.  Similarly, much like Mr. Disney needed a little help to make his dream a reality, as does Randy. 

Randy, a Life Coach, is in the process of writing a brand new book called Faith and the Magic Kingdom that connects spiritual faith lessons with Disneyland Park.  The book will help to enhance the guest experience allowing them to have a greater appreciate for "The Happiest Place on Earth."  This process, of course, needs a little push in getting it off the ground in the form of people helping to support the project.  

From now, until October 22, 2013, donations are being accepted to help bring this book to reality.  Pledges can be made anywhere from $1 all the way to $6000 and each pledge comes with special reward options, including choices like acknowledgement in the book, autographed copies, personal life coaching meetings, and more!  Pledges may be made at

Randy is raising money for this project because the book has been his dream for years and he wants to be able to get the message out in the right way. He wants the readers to have a book that is of the highest possible quality for a maximum amount of enjoyment.

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic co-founder and senior vice president, as well as author of How To Be Like Walt says, "Walt Disney created one of the most well-loved places in the world, a part of the fabric of society, when Disneyland opened in 1955. Throughout its history, though, most people have seen it as simply an impressive 'amusement enterprise.' In Faith and the Magic Kingdom, Randy does an exceptional job of taking this familiar and fanciful place and showing it to be so much more, drawing from it practical lessons and valuable reminders for a dynamic life of faith. If you're a fan of Disneyland and a Christian, this book is a must-read!" 

With this book, Randy wants to share that what we experience in every trip to Disneyland--whether we realize it or not--can have a significant impact on our lives. 

Randy grew up not far from Disneyland, and his experiences there were just as influential on him as was his upbringing in the church. In the midst of his upbringing two things that remained regular parts of his life: his ability to write well, and his faith. He went to Bible College and became a pastor.

While in his early 20s, he realized that Disneyland was the place where he could “recapture my childhood." The more time he spent there and got to know it, the more valuable it became to him and the more he wanted to learn. It, and its creator, Walt Disney, became an integral part of him, and he was able to use the park as a teaching tool, a writing inspiration, and a resource. 

He started his journey with a single sermon and realized that there was much more to this than he'd previously thought.  In July of 2010 he began blogging it at Last year he published his first book, Once Upon YOUR Time: 7 Strategies for Gaining Control of Your Time Through a Tour of the Magic KingdomHe is now ready to bring his second book to life and share with the world: Faith and the Magic Kingdom. 

Thank you all for your help in supporting this project, if you decide to do so. I know this isn't something that I would normally post on my blog, but I wanted to see if I could help out a friend.  :)  

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