Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top 10 Walt Disney World Attraction That Just Make You Happy

Every attraction makes me happy!  Done!  Today's blog post is finished.  :)

Ok....seriously though...while pretty much every Disney attraction brings the happiness quotient up, there are some that just always seem to stand out as just a bit more euphoric than others.  Today, I thought I'd take a look at my Top 10 and I want you to share yours with me too when all is said and done.  Trust me...this is a LOT harder than it looks!

10.  The Gran Fiesta Tour:  Found at Epcot, this attraction, which is situated in the Mexico pavilion has you on the hunt for el Donald himself.  Where is he?  I don't know....but you'll have fun trying to find him on this enchanting boat ride.

9.  Mickey's Philharmagic:   Ok...maybe I have a thing for Donald, as you follow along while he gets into trouble (per usual) in different scenes of classic Disney movies.  This 3D movie found in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom gets things jumping with great music, as well as beloved characters from some of your favorite movies of all time.  (Like Peter Pan, Ariel, Simba, and Aladdin.) It's a great show for the whole family that shouldn't be missed.

8.  Space Mountain:  How can you not enjoy this roller coaster in the dark that's situated in Tomorrowland?  You have dips, turns, drops, music, and fun.  The best part, is that the attraction really isn't going that fast.  Nope...only 26 miles per hour.  Really...there's nothing more to say about this super fun attraction, except ride it!

7.  Soarin:  This one is low on thrills (well, to many) but has a really cool concept of hang gliding over the state of California.  Found inside the Land Pavilion at Epcot, this attraction takes you through many different landscapes of the state.  Add to it smell-o-vision (my favorite...the sea smell near the end) and the majestic soundtrack and you have an attraction that you just can't help but smile when you get off it.

6.  Finding Nemo - The Musical:  Wow...what a show!  Based off the movie and found in Animal Kingdom, this 40 minute stage show really floors me!  The sets are fantastic, the puppets and their puppeteers are truly talented, and the music is darn catchy.  If you aren't humming "Go With The Flow" (my favorite) when you get out of there, it's only because you're humming "Big Blue World."  Happiness accomplished!

5.  Splash Mountain:  You have to love the Magic Kingdom mountain range.  This flume ride, which drop looks worse than it really is, takes guests through the Briar Patch as the follow Br'er Rabbit who decides to go look for his hearts desire, gets into a sticky mess with bad guys Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear on his tail, and realizes that he actually had it good in the Briar Patch...but is it just a little too late?  You'll just have to find out and you'll be thrilled doing so.

4.  Rock n' Roller Coaster:  While this Disney's Hollywood Studios attraction may not be for everyone, for those who do take part in it, trust me when I say you'll be smiling from ear to ear the whole least as soon as you are done screaming from the launch!   Then you'll "travel" through "California" as you try to make it to the Aerosmith concert...all the while jammin out to some of their top hits.  Hope you enjoy those backstage passes.  (And I think the pre-show is one of the most quotable in all of WDW.)

3.  Toy Story Midway Mania:  Also found at DHS, this fun for the whole family attraction takes you into the world of the famous Toy Story toys.  The fun of the attraction starts as you wind your way through the queue and encounter some of the fun toys that you'll remember from your childhood.  Once you get to the attraction, the characters have set up the Midway Mania game in Andy's Room and you are here to compete in it by pulling on a string at the 3D screen and shooting virtual ammo.  It is certainly tiring, but when it's all will have a smile on your face as your triumph over your partner next to you.  (Is that just me?)

2.  Pirates of the Caribbean:  It's a classic Disney attraction in the Magic Kingdom.  You can't go wrong with that.  It's got the great creepy intro into the unknown...should you have turned back?  Then, you enter the world of the pirates themselves as they war, search for wives, drink copious amounts of "something", and set the town on's just a typical Friday night, right?  Plus, you'll be singing along, as you search for Captain Jack Sparrow.  It doesn't get better than that. 

1.  Meeting Mickey Mouse:  What can be more joyful than meeting the big cheese himself?  Getting the opportunity to hold audience with Mickey is obviously one of the happiest things you can do in the world. The best part is, you can meet him in all four parks.  He can be found on Main Street USA in Town Square Theater at the Magic Kingdom, in Epcot, he's meeting in the Character Spot, at DHS, you'll find him at the Magic of Disney Animation (dressed as Sorcerer Mickey, by the way) and at Disney's Animal Kingdom, you can catch up with him at the Adventurer's Outpost

Honorable Mention:  it's a small world:  While many believe this to be the happiest attraction ever and I would agree that it certainly makes me happy every time I ride it, many also find the song grating...making them not so happy.  Hence, this spot gets my honorable mention slot because it really depends on who you are, if this attraction really is the Happiest.  :) it's up to you...what attractions are the ones that make you happiest.  Make sure to leave me a message in either the comments or on my Facebook.  

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