Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thoughts From My July WDW Trip

Hello all!

I told you I needed some time to get my thoughts in order for to share about my Walt Disney World July trip!  It was a wonderful wonderful.  :)

My trip was split into two (well, three) portions...I was in Disney before the Cruise, then the trip on the Dream, then I was back on land at Walt Disney World for a few days again.  It was almost 2 weeks of Disney fun.

So, what were the standouts for me?

  • Splitsville:  It was my first time visiting this new bowling alley/entertainment mecca and it really was a blast.  We did our games in the middle of the afternoon, which because it was summer and hot...was a brilliant idea.  It's also a tad bit cheaper if you bowl in the afternoon.  This is a great stop on your vacation and I would highly suggest if you have some time on your last day or you have a day of relaxation, to make a stop here.  

  • The All American ice cream sundae at the Plaza Ice Cream Shop:  This was one I saw about on the Disney Food Blog right before I left and I made a mental note to make sure I stopped in and got it.  This sundae was so good, I got it twice.  (Or was it three times this trip?)  What I liked best about it was that it is almost exactly a No Way Jose from Beaches and Cream.  Full of hot fudge and peanut butter goodness.  What was even's smaller, so I can eat the whole thing...and it's a little bit cheaper too!!!  Disney has a winner on their hands, and I think I alone could keep them wanting to keep pumping out this sundae on a daily basis.  

  • Coronado Springs:  Brian and I decided to stop by this resort to finish our tour of finally seeing every single Walt Disney World Resort!  (Bucket List accomplished!) I absolutely fell in love with it.  It has been added to our list of places we want to try to stay at in the future.  We loved the feel and didn't mind that it was a convention hotel really at all.  In the past, I hadn't loved the theming, just from pics, but I don't know if it's just because I've lived in New Mexico or what now, but it's a must.  In addition, we both really like the Pepper Market, both the way it's set up (with you being seated and having a server bring you drinks, paying at the end) and in the food choices. Excellent all around.  

  • Be Our Guest Restaurant:  I finally made it!!!  We had a dinner reservation here and I was in awe of the theming.  Again...New Fantasyland is just themed fantastically!  It is exactly like stepping into the movie.  (Which for this girl...was a dream come true...given that I'd grown up with Beauty and the Beast.)  I didn't love where they sat us (we were RIGHT next to where the Beast meets guests at the end of their meal, so it wasn't as "romantic" as I'd hoped, with people constantly passing us.) but I thought the food was great, the dessert was decadent, and the grey stuff, yes, it was delicious.  

  •  I GOT UP EARLY ONE DAY! I know you're wondering why I'm including this, but I finally understand.  No, we didn't make it to rope drop, though we tried, but we did get to Animal Kingdom within the first hour of it being open.  It was great.  We were done with almost everything we wanted to see before the heat of the day really set in and left about 1 pm.  Then we went back to the hotel, ate lunch and sat by the pool and relaxed a bit...taking a quick dip.  We went back to the parks around was perfect.  I can't say that I'd do it every time, but in the heat of the summer...the appeal to tour this way is certainly there and I now understand why.  (I didn't feel like I was melting or being hotgry...(angry because it's hot.)
  • The Liberty Square Riverboat:  I FINALLY RODE IT!!!  Knock one more off my bucket list of attractions to hit in the Magic Kingdom.  (My list is getting much, much shorter...with mostly meet and greets left...along with the AstroOrbiter.  Should meet and greets count in this list?)  I really enjoyed my time here.  I was on the top, which offered up amazing views, however, I couldn't hear the spiel very well.  I will say that if you're looking for the best time to it during sunset.  It will typically be the last boat out, but my goodness is it gorgeous!   
  • Being in a Disney Wedding: I don't want to go on too much about this, but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a bridesmaid in two of my very best friend's wedding.  It was incredibly special.  What was even more was a Disney wedding.  It was so cool to see how the whole process worked.  From the rehearsal, to the wedding at Sea Breeze Point, to the reception at Ariel's, to getting to experience the Living Seas Lounge for the Dessert Party, to a special viewing of Illuminations, it was all just such an incredible day and an experience I will certainly never forget. 
  •  Cape May Cafe: question....why have I never been here before?  That's was outstanding.  All you can eat seafood (including crab legs) I am so sold.  It's expensive...but I'll admit, it was good.  
Those are really the major standouts from the trip to Walt Disney World.  Of course, there are probably a million things I am usual, so keep posted to the blog as I start to share more about my vacation in random blog posts.  Also, stay tuned for next week when I share what were the stand outs from cruising the Disney Dream!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

What a trip! I'm definitely going to try that sundae at the Plaza Ice Cream shop. Sounds yummy!