Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Little Things: Tomorrowland

 Welcome to Tomorrowland!  As Walt said, Tomorrowland (granted in Disneyland, but it is assumed it could be brought to Walt Disney World too) is a vista into a world of wondrous ideas signifying man's achievement...a step into the future with predictions of constructive things to come.  Of course, over the years, Tomorrowland has been one of the harder lands to keep "current" given that it's rooted in the future, which is always rapidly coming towards us.  In 1994, the land at Walt Disney World saw a large refurbishment, taking it a little more towards science fiction, with inspiration from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.  Of course, since then, it's seen quite a bit of change that has made it a bit more character friendly, which it hasn't necessarily been in the past. 

But some of those amazing little touches can still be seen today by guests.  Things that really make Tomorrowland such a special place and probably my favorite land in all of the Magic Kingdom. 

First off, we have the sign that welcome you.  This can only be found on the way into the land from the Main Street hub, but it certainly sets the tone for what you're about to step into.  With it's cold steel exterior and pieces that could be found in science experiments (like electrons and protons...though they really are more abstract shapes on the sign) the sign is a beacon into the world you are about to step foot into.  It's kind of very Big Bang Theory feeling.  It welcomes you into a world that you know, is not rooted here on earth.  And that is ok. 

One of the biggest aspects of this land, more so than a lot of other lands, in my opinion, is the motion that can be found here.  Things just move.  You have the Tomorrowland Transit Authority whipping all around the land, the AstroOrbiter spinning round and round high above you, the Carousel of Progress is circling around the theater, and even the not so futuristic Tomorrowland Speedway has cars moving in continuous motion.  I just get the feeling that the rides are inviting you in!  Welcome...look how fun we know you want to spin on the AstroOrbiter too!  The kinetics of this land makes you just want to have fun. 

A neat portion of Tomorrowland is something that most people just walk right past.  It is so unassuming that you may not even know it's special...until it TALKS to you.  I'm talking about the unique trash can, known as PUSH.  This little fella moseys around the land and interacts with guests in fun ways, that you certainly wouldn't expect from a place you'd throw your garbage.  Watch as people stop and wonder how this normally in-adamant object suddenly starts having a conversation with you. It's a hoot! 

Another one of my favorite aspects, and I'm not really sure why it appeals so much to be, but they are the palm trees that can be found in the back over by Space Mountain.  These are not ordinary palm trees though!  These are most certainly related to the originally 1994 back story because they are there to "harvest energy through the coconuts" for the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. (The arcade area next to Space Mountain.)  Ok, so they really don't actually harvest electricity, but they are super cool and incredibly futuristic!   Be on the lookout for the one palm tree that's different and see if you can figure out why.  (Told you I loved these palms! Palm trees really are my favorite!)

There are of course other little touches that tie together the once extremely prevalent back story of the fact that this is a city of tomorrow you are visiting, which make for interesting touches that just help enhance the land.  There's the Metrophone, which is a "pay phone" (of course, it's actually free to pick it up and...wait...what are pay phones...) But if you pick it up, you may get to hear what's going on in Tomorowland.  Over by the TTA, make sure to check out the Robo-Newz bot that's standing there with newspapers inside.  The other aspect that's cool is that you can see a neat piece of galactic artwork, featuring signs for the chamber of commerce welcoming you to the city, showing some of the "amenities" here.  All just neat little pieces to help tie everything all together. 

Hungry?  Head over to Cosmic Ray's!  Here' you'll get entertained while you eat by noneother than that galactic crooner, Sonny Eclipse!  This lounge lizard is from Yew Nork and plays some catchy tunes and has witty repartee.  This place gets SUPER busy around mealtimes, so make sure to head over there at an off peak time.

Finally, my favorite detail here in Tomorrowland happens when the sun goes down.  You see, Tomorrowland is bathed in neon.  It is a gorgeous site to see.  There are lights just shining everywhere.  It is so breathtaking.  It's a beacon just calling your towards it like a moth to a flame.  Luckily, here, you won't get zapped!  Really, talking about it cannot do it justice.  You have to see it for yourself.

These are just a few of my small favorite things that can be found on Main Street USA!  What are your favorites?  Make sure to leave a comment on the Facebook page!  (Or in the comments)

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