Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys LucasFilm!

Wow!  In an event that was surprising, but also, makes complete sense, yesterday, Disney purchased LucasFilm and all the properties that are included, including Industrial Light and Magic and and Skywalker Sound.

Now, as someone who isn't a Star Wars fan, having never seen the movies, even I know what a huge deal this is. Disney finally has control over a property that has worked so well in their parks.

And I think that's why there hasn't been AS MUCH backlash towards this as their has been about things recently, like Marvel and Avatar.  (I think most people are supportive, however, of course, there are a few dissenters, but not like there was with Marvel and Avatar.)  Disney has had a long standing relationship with George Lucas.  His products have been in the park for years.  It seems like an easy decision that Disney would eventually end up owning the Star Wars (and other) properties.  Star Wars has been something that has worked seamlessly in the parks for decades.

Now that Disney owns LucasFilm, what do I think is going to happen with the franchise and the parks?

Well, for a while, nothing.  Yes, we may see the characters walk around a bit now at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and eventually when the new films come out, we may see new destinations for Star Tours, but I honestly think that's about it.  It may be possible for them to change over an established restaurant to a Star Wars themed restaurant as well.  However, as far as getting the "lands" in Disney's Hollywood Studios themed after Disney movie properties that has been floating around for a few years, I think that is quite a few years off.  A larger possibility now, but at least 5 years and probably more, if it even happens.  I'm not even sure what we'll end up being able to see in the next 5 years that involves Star Wars because it takes time for these things to develop.

Another thing that I haven't seen talked about much is now Disney does own Indiana Jones.  I would hope that this would mean we would be getting an updated version of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, as well.  That show clearly needs an refurb and now is the time to do it.  

The one thing I like is the possibilities that this opens up for a park like DHS.  This is where I logically things progressing with more Star Wars, given it's already strong presence.  I think that DHS needs a shot in the arm and having a hold of Star Wars (as well as Indiana Jones) makes that a more distinct possibility it can happen sooner rather than later.

In all, it's going to be interesting to see where this leads. The sky is the limit with this and I hope that Disney makes a decision to move forward with more theme park opportunities, rather than focus their sole attention on what the franchise can do for in regards to box office numbers and merchandise sales.

To quote Stacey and her Must Dos...May the Mouse Be With You!  

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