Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My To Do List: Disney's Animal Kingdom Edition

As my final chapter in celebrating Disney's Animal Kingdom in the month of April (ok, I know today is the first of May, but it's close enough.  :)  )  I realized that there are quite a few attractions at the park that I simply have not gotten around to doing.  This park feels like the one that I have the most undone attractions in it.  I think part of that is because I don't spend a lot of time there, since Brian doesn't really care for the park, and part of that is because most of the things I haven't done are not rides, but more experiences.

As part of my quest to attempt to do everything in every Walt Disney World Theme Park at least once, (a HUGE daunting task that I'm quite sure may never actually end up being finished.) I thought we'd take a look at which attractions I wanted to try to do on my next few trips to Florida to help cross them off my list.

Now many would think that one attraction that I had never been on at DAK would be one that I am absolutely terrified of...Dinosaur.  Ironically enough, I have actually been on Dinosaur, and helped to raise some money for charity along the way.  My first (and only) ride through of this attraction happened a few years back and unfortunately was recorded for all to hear for The Be Our Guest Podcast.  (Listen to it if you would like to hear the sheer terror in my voice...oh and to hear me crying!)

But actually, one of the only rides that I have never done at Disney's Animal Kingdom is Kali River Rapids.  I simply have not done this water ride because I do not feel like being soaked to the absolute bone.  Yes, I know there's a slight chance that I could be on the "right" side of the boat and not get drenched, but I know my luck...and it's always to get soaked on those type of attractions.  However, we have established, it is always Animal Kingdom Hot at this park, so maybe, just maybe, one day, I'll decide I'm so hot that I just don't care if I'm dripping the whole rest of the afternoon.

Another complete area of the park that I've never done is Rafiki's Planet Watch.  I've never even stepped foot back there.  Part of the reason for this is because it's not exactly easy to get to.  You have to take the Wildlife Express Train to get back there.  (I don't even know where the train station actually is!)  Plus, I've never been one who was really interested in watching animal surgeries and I don't really need to pet a goat.  So, it's never been high on my list.  But, Debbie on the show speaks so highly of this area, so if she loves it, it's gotta be a place I head back to some time soon.

I've also never seen the show Flights of Wonder.  I've heard such great things about this attraction, but I can honestly say, Disney's own description in their park map doesn't really have me heading over there first thing to watch.  According to Disney:  Get out of the sun, have a seat and watch amazing birds enthrall you with incredible flights and humorous natural behaviors.  Um....so when your first few words are that you can get out of the sun here...well that just explains the problem with why I've never been to this attraction.  It's not exactly a ringing endorsement for me.  Plus, I've seen animal shows at the St. Louis Zoo before...and well...to be honest...they've never really wowed me.  But, like I mentioned before, many people in the Disney community have mentioned how this is a hidden gem, so this attraction is pretty high on my list of attractions I must make my way to experience in the next year or so.

So, there you have it...my top 3 attractions I've never done at Disney's Animal Kingdom that are certainly on my To Do List to finally get to experience.   Hopefully, I get to experience these soon and then will get to add more attractions to my Disney Bucket List.

Which of these attractions are the best and the one I need to head to immediately on my next trip?  What makes them so great in your eyes?  Be sure to let me know in either the comments section or on our Facebook page. 

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Unknown said...

I can see how many people might pass up Flights of Wonder, but we have seen it several times, and we are always glad to have seen it. Maybe not the biggest "wow" thing in the park, but it is good.

I never have been on Kali River Rapids, either. When I was much younger, Opryland had something similar with the Grizzly River Rampage, and I always enjoyed it. But now, the thought of being wet, even in the heat, doesn't do much for me.