Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: The Disney Food Blog Mini Guide To Epcot Snacks

I've always been one who's liked to hold books in my hand, smell them, pour over their pages.  Books have always been so special to me, ever since I was a kid.  My nose was always pressed against the pages.  My parents still joke about the fact that I didn't even know where things were when I started to drive, because I'd never paid much attention to where we were going.

So, this whole concept of an e-book is quite foreign to me.  I don't own a Kindle or a Nook and I've been quite hesitant to give up the feel of a good book for a cold, electronic appliance.  However, I was willing to take one for the team when I found out that AJ over at the Disney Food Blog decided to create a series of e-books.  I know how much I love her site and was excited to put my nose up to my iPhone (lol!) to read all the great information that can be found in her most recent e-book, The Disney Food Blog Mini Guide To Epcot Snacks. 

This was, of course, the first of her many books that she's written (and reviews will be coming about those in the near future!) that I've read and let me tell you, I think it's FABULOUS!!! I don't know why I hadn't gotten on the e-book train sooner! I am so excited to have this resource on my next trip to Walt Disney World!

First things first, I certainly appreciate the e-book format for this food guide!  It makes things so much more handy.  As many of you know, my iPhone is pretty much attached to my hand already in the parks.  By having the book now right at my fingertips, I won't have to wonder where I can find sushi for a snack in Epcot now.  Now, simply with the touch of a button, I can search which places I can get sushi in, all around the park.  (I found 16 different results by typing in the word sushi in the e-book!)  This book is going to absolutely change how I view my snack options at the World.  

From the savory to the sweet, this guide has tons of snacks that can be found all around, both in World Showcase and in Future World.  This book, containing over 150 different snack options, is simply chock full of all the information that you'll need to find what you're looking for when you're in the mood for a good snack.

Featured in the e-book, AJ has lined out where each of the delectable treats can be found, a brief description of what the item is, the cost, and whether or not the item can be purchased using the Dining Plan.  (Which trust me, is extremely handy for those who are looking to get the most bang for your buck while on any of the Dining Plans.)  In addition to all that information, each page has at least one photo of the item being discussed!  Let me tell you, those pictures were so enticing,  it was extremely hard not to drool on my screen!

What I really liked about this book was that it opened my eyes to some of the options in the park that I had never considered or had never even knew existed!  For example, while reading the book, I came across something that can be found in the Morocco Pavilion that I didn't know was back there!  It is probably because I don't spend an awful lot of time in Morocco, but after seeing the Chocolate Roulade featured as an option, the Tangerine Cafe in Morocco quickly became one of the places I plan to make a stop on my next trip! 

I also really enjoy the "Snack Crawls" that AJ has featured.  For those unaware, Snack Crawls are like Pub Crawls...just not focused solely on alcohol!  You go around eating the different items featured.  It's an extremely fun way to spend an afternoon.  I particularly would like to try the Pretzel Crawl on my next Epcot visit.

In addition, I appreciate the section titled Best Snack Values.  These are the options that based off of AJ's experience, are the best values and/or offer the most enjoyment, making them well worth the expense.  Plus, there is a list of which snacks make great substitutes for meals!  (Did you know there was a great ham and cheese croissant in France that is considered a Snack Option on the dining plan?  Hello lunch!)

The Disney Food Blog Mini Guide To Epcot Snacks is a must have, not just for the Foodies who travel to Walt Disney World, but seriously, EVERYONE who travels to Walt Disney World.  Whether you've been a thousand times before or you are going for the first time, this book will become an invaluable tool in planning your (likely) snacking cravings.  It certainly offers a ton of insight into the snack options that can be found at Epcot.  In addition, it is an easy read with a TON of valuable information. 

 Don't have a copy of The Disney Food Blog Mini Guide To Epcot Snacks yet?  Never fear!  I shameless ask that if you are interested in owning this book, that you purchase it from this link.  I will readily admit that part of the proceeds will go back to this blog.  However, that doesn't influence the fact that I still think these e-books are fabulous!  It just helps me out a bit in running this site.  (Don't you love expenses?)

Disney Food Blog Mini Guide To Epcot Snacks

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