Friday, December 2, 2011

They're Going To Disney World? (And You're Not)

If you've been in the Disney community long enough, you start to gain friends whom mean everything to you.  These friends are just like your friends in your real life, you talk to them all the time, you have fun when you get to seem them and hang out...only one small problem...they usually don't live in the same place as you.  Your only times to see each other are often at Disney World.  (Or Disneyland.) 

But what happens when your friends all get to get together and you don't?  We've all been there.  A great meet up of your friends and you just can't make it because of one reason or another. 

Right now, this is currently happening to me.  Some of my bestest Disney friends are all gathering down in Florida and I'm stuck here, in New Mexico, with snow looming on the horizon.  (Yep...apparently it snows here in New Mexico...I did not sign up for snow!) 

So how do you cope with being away from your friends, knowing they are having a blast and you are stuck at home?  (Besides cursing the fact that you STILL don't live in Florida.) 

By following along with their trip of course. 

In this day and age of smart phones where almost everyone seems to have one, it's so much easier to stay in touch with your friends and feel like you can be a tiny part of the trip, without actually being there.  You can follow along with the antics on Twitter or Facebook.  It's great because they can share where they're at, share their fun photos. You can also text or even FaceTime them.  I like the FaceTime option because you can see them.  My personal new favorite though is the iPhone app HeyTell, which is like walkie talkie, so you're talking in real time. I've gotten to ride many attraction with my friends because of this app.  So it really is like I'm there with them!

So, while I'm super sad that I can't be in Florida with all the fun that's happening starting now and lasting for the next few weeks...because of technology, I don't feel like I'm missing out AS much as I may have used to.  And that's a comfort in itself. 

What's a tip that you have for being with friends when they're down in WDW and you're not?  How do you cope? 


K said...

Even though I know you don't mean me when you talk of friends getting together, I know what you're talking about ;)

Unknown said...

Um...I was totally thinking of you too! I want so bad to be there to celebrate Alek's 1st birthday! I am so sad that I can't and even more sad that I haven't seen you on FOREVER! Hopefully this year I can come up with some extra moolah and visit you guys again!

Snow White Archive said...

Yes, getting trip reports from other Disney friends who have visited the parks is always a great treat!

K said...

I know you'd be here if you could. ;) Love ya!

Becca said...

I am extremely experienced at this!

I find that having another trip booked definitely helps. When I didn't have a trip booked for a *long time*, I sort of ducked out of the Disney community a bit because I felt like WDW was changing and I didn't recognise the place in their photos so much! Now we've placed our deposit for September 2012, I'm starting to dip back in again ;)

Allow yourself Disney treats - play some Disney music, make a recipe, watch a Disney DVD. In the past month, we have eaten home-made Monte Cristo sandwiches :D

As I'm a terrible mother, I have also started showing Barnaby a bit of Disney Junior. They sneak the occasional Disney Parks reference in here and there - I'm sure it's to start the brand recognition in the young viewers' heads!!

Share your knowledge - there's always someone with a question in the Disney community, and you just might be the expert to help them! It makes you feel better :)