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Guest Author: Kevin Andexler Talks Yehaa Bob

Today, I am proud to bring you a guest post by Kevin Andexler.  He writes the blog  I hope you enjoy his post and make sure to check out his blog! 

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As you all know by now, I have a deep admiration for the Port Orleans Riverside resort. From seeing the boats roll across the Sassagoula River, to the horses clip clopping along the sidewalk, Port Orleans Riverside will always be near and dear to my heart. 

In 2008 though, that admiration heightened tremendously for me. A couple years before that, my brother came back to our room at Riverside one night and said "That piano guy is playing down at the bar. He was playing Piano Man." 2008 was the year I finally got to hear what my brother was talking about and an instant staple was born in my future trips to Walt Disney World. 

"Yehaa" Bob Jackson plays every Wednesday through Saturday night in the River Roost Lounge of the Port Orleans Riverside resort. I would tell you how to get there from the Port Orleans Riverside food court, but on the nights that he plays, just follow his voice once you walk in the doors of the food court and you'll know where he is. 

Not only is it the music that is special to me, but just the atmosphere is something I can't describe. When you go up to the bar, they treat you like you never left. After a long day in the Disney parks, it's almost like you're home. Plus, you have one waitress who dances or sings to every song Bob plays. You can actually see in their faces that they love their job. 

I think that's what makes Disney World such a magical place. You don't have to go into a park to see the happiness people have for what they do. I think just being on the grounds is enough to know that something special is in the air at Walt Disney World. 

Now, based on how special we think Bob is, whenever we plan our Disney World vacation, we always make sure that Bob will be there. It's interesting to me. Most of the time when you drive up to the gates of Riverside, they tell you "Welcome Home." Being in the River Roost Lounge Wednesday through Saturday nights, I finally know what that means. 

Do you have a special "Home away from home"? Comment below and let me know. Next time on Beyond the Castle, is there a difference between staying on property versus off property? I will let you know. As always, have a magical day!      

Thanks to Kevin for sharing his views about the wonderful Yehaa Bob!  He's one of my favorite aspects of a Disney vacation too!

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