Friday, October 14, 2011

Epic October 2.0

Wow...hard to believe that it was already 2 weeks ago that I was in WDW for Epic October.  It feels like I just got back yesterday.  That always seems to happen though after I get back from WDW.  Those first few weeks seem to fly right by. 

This year's Epic October was, as I expected, full of Epicness.  Lots of great time with friends, both new and old.  The weekend was one of crazy proportions, with little sleep involved for all, but it was all so worth it in the end.

While I won't go over everything step by step, I will talk about some of the highlights of my trip and the weekend overall. 

First, I want to thank everyone who came to the Be Our Guest Podcast meet up.  We had a bunch of you with us as we traveled along the World Showcase promenade, sampling all the delectable treats that were available for the Food and Wine Festival.  While it was SUPER HOT out, which made it hard to want to eat anything at all, it was so great to see so many wonderful listeners come out to meet each other. 

I also want to express my thanks to Jay Griffith.  This past summer, when we did our Second Annual Be Our Guest Podcast Live Show, Jay selflessly volunteered himself to drink 1 Beverly for every $500 raised.  Because of all the generousness of our listeners, Jay was forced to drink 11 Beverly's.  We were all scared that he was gonna upchuck, but he managed to get them down, with a little help.  To see the video of the Beverly Binge, here it is. 

Also, can I just say how great the other events were that were held by those in the Disney Community.  I was able to enjoy AJ's Foodie Fest and Touring Plan's meet at La Hacienda which were both spectacular.  Both these people know how to throw a big party!  In addition, I want to congratulate Lou Mongello on raising a staggering amount of money for Give Kids The World with his 40 Hour Live Show, which I got to participate in as someone who got out of The Box!  There were so many great events this weekend, that I hate that I missed some of them.  Unfortunately, time was just so limited. 

During this trip, I also participated in the Halloween 5K.  This was not something I planned on doing.  My famous statement is I don't run unless someone is chasing me.  However, this trip, Mike's step-daughter Paige decided she wanted to go to Homecoming and he'd already paid the money for her to run, so I decided to take it. 

So, with no training whatsoever, I ran/walked a 5k.  (The furthest I'd walked/ran before was about 1.5 miles...not 3.1.)  I was quite proud of myself and my emotions definitely got to me when I finished..  I fought back the tears after I crossed the finish line.  I wasn't expecting to get emotional, but I was just so proud of myself for doing something so out of character.  Would I run another Disney race?  Maybe....I definitely wouldn't count it out.  It was certainly an experience I will never forget. 

I also want to talk briefly about the fact that that same weekend was the 40th Anniversary for the Magic Kingdom.  What a special day to be in the MK.  The crowds definitely showed up that day, but I wouldn't have wanted to be in any other park.  It was so special being there to experience the special dedication and the fireworks that night.  I also tried to experience attractions that were actually open on opening day to make the whole day even more festive. 

Finally, as many of you know, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is one of my favorite events the Magic Kingdom (and perhaps the entireWDW Resort) holds.  Even though I've been to this party 5 times now, it still excites me.  (And one of these times I'll learn to put the camera down and actually enjoy the fireworks and parade without looking through a lens.)  I cannot say enough good things about this party, as I munch on leftover Halloween Candy. 

In closing, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who I got to spend time with.  I wish, for everyone, that it could have been more time with everyone.  You are all true friends and I'm so blessed that you are


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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That sounds like an awesome time. What fun! I've been wondering what it might be like to run a Disney race - I'm thinking about doing a 5K sometime because I need something to build up to!