Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Survivial Guide to Those NOT Going to D23


It's always an exciting time to be a Disney fan during D23 Expo weekend.  So much new information comes out about the parks, resorts, movies, television, and a ton of other Disney owned media.  It's also an incredible weekend to actually get to experience first hand.  The convention center is amazing, chock full of really cool exhibits and experiences.

But what about those of us who are unfortunate enough not to get to go.  How do we survive the torture of being stuck at home while others get to be there first hand for the fun?

The best advice I have is to throw yourself into the Disney Online Community and all the resources that are available to us now.

Thanks to things like Twitter and Live Video Feeds, it's almost like we're there, experiencing what those in attendance get to experience.  Of course, it's not quite the same seeing it all happening from behind a computer screen, but if you can't physically be there, this really is the next best thing.

So, without knowing 100% who's going to be doing what during this D23 weekend, here's where I'm going to start getting my Survival Guide.

First, I am excited to join The Box People and Lou Mongello at  Last time I was unable to be a Box Person because I was actually in WDW during that same weekend.  Another choice, is WDW News Today as a full force site for great info.

Also this week, I have a strong feeling that my Twitter feed is going to completely blow up.  So, for those who are interested, here's who I'm going to be following for all the great, up to the second news.  @loumongello @insidethemagic      

This is just a little snapshot of all the amazing feedback we're going to get from this week's D23 events...

So where are you going to get your news that's to come from the D23 Expo?  Make sure to share so we can let others know the best places to search and join in on the fun!

And for those of you who actually are going to the D23 Expo...have a blast!  We are all so jealous of you! 


Brent T. said...

I also HIGHLY recomend following @attractions who has already given us a look at the show floor as things get set up. I expect some big things from them & everyone else

Admiral Duke said...

We will be providing more of 'Wish You Were Here' kind of coverage from Disneyland & the D23 Expo! Think of it as Us taking your D23 trip for YOU. and @DisFanReview on Twitter!