Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Seven Sacred Attractions

This week on the podcast, we got to talking about which attractions we thought would be in the parks in 25 years still and which ones we thought would be gone.  Some were obvious and yet some we mentioned were quite shocking, especially some that we picked that would eventually disappear. 

With that being said, I believe there are certain attractions in the Disney Parks, that minus a good refurb, should not disappear from the parks what-so-ever, no matter how old the parks get.  These attractions are what make the parks what they are.  They are the identities of Walt Disney World...they make it what people know and love...these are the Seven Sacred Attractions.  (Well, I guess it would technically be Eleven Sacred Attractions because I also believe the attractions that I mentioned on the show are sacred if you missed what those were...go listen to the podcast!) 

1.  Haunted Mansion:  This attraction has some of the best effects of all time...and that's after 40 years!  It's amazing how simple tricks can be so intriguing. Plus, Disney proved that even with a refurb, this attraction doesn't need to change's still top notch. 

2.  Spaceship Earth:  I know there were rumors about changing this attraction into a roller coaster years ago, but that would take out the very purpose or what Epcot is supposed to be about.  Epcot is about Edutainment to it's core.  It's about showing you something you may not have known before in a fun and inviting way.  To me, the current version of Spaceship Earth is that...perfect Edutainment.  It's about learning about communication and how it's been evolving and then we take a fun look into our "futures".  Sure, our "futures" aren't likely to happen, but it is interesting to think...what if? 

3.  Tower of Terror:  Yes...this is an attraction that I won't ride anymore, but let me tell makes me sad that I can't.  This attraction is Imagineering at it's utmost finest.  The story here is so compelling.  It is so wonderfully done and because of that, it is such a timeless attraction.  There are also some stellar effects here as well.  Plus, add in the randomness of you never know how many times you are going to drop and it takes an amazing ride and increases it's re-ride-ability even more, because you never know what you're going to get. 

4.  Expedition Everest:  Ok, so I know the attraction is a shell of it's original self right now...but it still is one that makes me nervous.  I still fear the Yeti.  Plus that backwards section is pretty darn cool.  And once again, this attraction is one that has a solidly good story to it, which is what Disney is founded on...telling good stories. 

5.  Space Mountain:  The idea of Space Mountain is fabulous...a roller coaster in the dark.  Couple that with Space travel and you have a winning idea.  (Who wouldn't want to go to space?) Do I think this attraction may see another major refurb in the next 25 years, yes, but should Space Mountain exist in 25 years, yes.  Yes, it should. 

6.  Splash Mountain:  Once again...this attraction is built on story...and it must be a good story because it's built off an attraction that I have never seen, but still love.  With that being said, I think that even though future generations will never see the movie this story is based off of, it's still going to be just as compelling.  Plus, it's a water ride and people can't get enough of water rides, especially in the Florida heat. 

7.  Pirates of the Caribbean:  Yes, I am heavy on the Magic Kingdom attractions, but that is because these are the ones that seem to be the most timeless.  (I think it relates to the fact that a lot of Magic Kingdom attractions are based off of original ideas...something I am begging the current Disney management to look at continually it seems like lately they have not.)  Pirates is something that people love, young or old, because it is fun.  (Well, not the real idea of piracy, but you get what I'm saying.)  It is a great attraction that the whole family can enjoy and get something out of.  If you're a kid, you may love the catchy song, if you're an adult, you may still marvel at those AudioAnamatronics.  Whatever it is, something draws you over that way. Plus, it's an incredible way to remember all that Walt had created for us.

So these are my Sacred Seven.  The attractions that should always be there at the Walt Disney World Resort. 

What attractions do you think are Sacred?  Make sure to post your answers too!


Kelly said...

I love this post! I have to agree with all of your ride selections but my very favorite is TOT. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said this was imagineering at it's finest. It is amazing!

Lisa Fine (Healthy Disney) said...

Hmm...something worth pondering. I agree that the rides you picked are sacred, although sometimes I have trouble differentiating between classic rides and sacred rides.

I would add the Peoplemover, Peter Pan, and the Great Movie Ride to the list.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I would add Small World and Peter Pan. To me, those rides just say whimsy and fantasy, and that's Disney in my mind.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the ones already listed, some other attractions that I consider "sacred" include:

-Country Bear Jamboree
-Enchanted Tiki Room
-Hall of Presidents
-It's a Small World
-Carousel of Progress
-Liberty Belle Riverboat
-Walt Disney World Railroad
-American Adventure
-Great Movie Ride
-Muppet-Vision 3D
-Star Tours
-One Man's Dream
-Kilimanjaro Safaris

Stelle and Chelle said...

I really enjoyed listening to last week's podcast about the state of attractions in 25 years. (Or was that this week's? I'm always behind!) I agreed with so many of the sentiments, even though it's hard to sometimes separate nostalgia and emotion from making such choices.

I would definitely agree with some of the commenters that Thunder Railroad, the Safari, and It's a Small World are must-stays as well. It's hard to decide when thinking about DHS because sometimes I feel like its identity is a bit mixed up... but the Great Movie Ride is a must-stay. Maybe even the Animation tour. It's a big part of the history of the company, and even though it needs to be spruced it, it deserves a space in DHS.

Great post! - Stelle