Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye to Mickey's Toontown Fair!

Eviction Notice:  One Happy Go Lucky Mouse and his Sweet Girlfriend, who lives next door.  Also, a Cantankerous Duck with a boat must leave the area too.  Oh and a Dog (?) who has a penchant for being a little batty.  Well, he doesn't have to leave, but he will need to find a temporary home for a while.  Plus any other Toon friends who may have visited the area of Mickey's Toontown Fair that were currently inhabiting any buildings that could be found here.

For those who don't know, beginning on Saturday, Mickey's Toontown Fair will officially close for good.  This land was one that was supposed to be temporary, years ago, when it was introduced as Mickey's Birthdayland.  (Which, by the way, is one of the areas I actually do remember as a kid.  I have a video somewhere around here that I can't find, but wish I could, that featured the show that was staged here.) 

I wish I could say I was sad to see this area go.  I really do.  Unfortunately, I just can't.

I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that it didn't really appeal to my family's demographic, being just a married couple, especially a married couple who don't really do meet and greets.  There just wasn't a whole lot of reason to visit Toontown Fair for me in the past 10 years.  (Unless I was going back there to get candy during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!)

I also think one of the reasons I didn't love Mickey's Toontown Fair was that it really did have a temporary feel to me in the way it was built.  Especially given that there were never any quality rides built back there.  (Unlike Disneyland's version, which has a great attraction in Roger Rabbit.)  It felt like a land that was just back there, existing because they didn't know what else to do with it yet.  They'd already built it, so why tear it down, when there was no plans for the area around it?

So, I'm glad they are taking this land and making it something different. And I want to be clear.  I don't have a problem with this land because it centered around the kiddos.  Matter of fact, I anxiously await the changes coming to this area with the new Fantasyland.  The area will still be a "kid friendly" area with Dumbo being moved here and Goofy's Barnstormer being changed over to The Great Goofini, but it appears it will be more fleshed out and it will definitely feel less temporary with an actual attraction finding it's way back there.  I think it will feel more real...if that makes any sense.

However, just because I am glad to be loosing Toontown Fair, doesn't mean I don't see why others would be upset.  Yes, this was a place where kids could meet and greet their favorite characters.  But to that, I say, they still will be able to, just not all in one place like they could before.

Mickey and Minnie will eventually be moving to Main Street (a better area, in my opinion for them the front of the park, instead of tucked away in the back) welcoming guests to their park.  And the princesses will eventually be moved to Fantasyland in the Princess Fairytale Hall.  Although temporarily they will be able to be found in different locations all around the park.  (Make sure to pick up a times guide to find out where to meet your favorite ones!)  Tink and her Fairy friends will still be meeting guests, but instead of being found in the Magic Kingdom, they will be moving over to Epcot.  So, it's not like with the removal of Toontown you won't be able to find the characters you or your kids are dying to meet.  You aren't loosing anything there.

As for the other main reason people give for being sad that Toontown will be gone, well, now that one, I can understand...and truthfully, am a little sad about as well.  Unfortunately, guests will no longer be able to tour Mickey and Minnie's Homes and Donald's Boat.  Yes, Mickey and Minnie's Homes were neat.  It was cool to see how the Main Mouse and His Main Gal lived.  Plus, there were lots of hidden gems for guests to find here.  So, even I will admit, it is sad to see a bit of history in this form go.

And it will be sad to see Donald's Boat go too, although, from what I'm hearing, there may be a water play area included in the new plans, so for the kids who loved Donald's Boat simply because it was a water playground, you may not have to worry too much. 

The thing that I think I will miss the most though are all the sight gags that the Imagineers included all around Toontown.  To me, that's the biggest loss about losing this area.  There were so many things that were cute and funny, if you really looked.  (Like the Mickey Head pumpkins and the Daisies in the shape of Daisy's head.)  I know I can't be the only one who laments the loss of these great Imagineering puns.   

So, Good Bye Mickey's Toontown Fair.  While it is sad to see you officially close, you will be doing so to make way for an expansion that is well needed.  An expansion that from the looks of things, will be amazing.  You most certainly will be missed. (I just won't necessarily be one who misses you all that much.)

What are your favorite memories of Mickey's Toontown Fair...Or even Mickey's Birthdayland or Mickey's Starland?  Make sure to leave a message in the comments section.


Kimberly said...

My family still talks/reminisces about the "Birthday Cupcakes" that were sold from a cart when it was Mickey's Birthday Land. They were heavenly!

Sad to see it go, but when we were there in December I just got the feeling it was time.

Mocha Princess Aurora said...

I miss the Constant Birthday cake smell that Mickey's Birthday Land had.... and the color changing drinking straws!!!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I'm kind of sad that I never went through Mickey and Minnie's houses. I went to the Hall to get the autographs of the princess and fairies but never anywhere else. The line seemed too long for something that wasn't a ride! But it didn't like a fun area. If I had a kid, I might be more sad to see it go.

Unknown said...

I always liked the houses, I really enjoy all the "Disney" touches on things so the area really appealed to me. But, I do agree that it is time and it never felt like a cohesive area with a theme. Just glad they are keeping the Barnstormer. Shortest ride ever, but so much fun for kiddies.