Thursday, January 6, 2011

A "Dream" Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

As I've mentioned before previously in posts, I'm a tad bit excited about the Disney Dream.  My hubby and I are taking our first cruise together on the Dream this June for the Be Our Guest Podcast Cruise.  So I've been following all the news coming out about the ship anxiously...soaking up every piece of info I can.

And this week, some of the best news since the ship was announced came out.  Our ship (yep...totally claiming it like it's!) is finally here! The ship landed in Port Canaveral on Tuesday and it was a sight to see!

For those that missed the live coverage, like I did since I was sleeping, you can check out a video taken by Rick Howard over at Travel With Rick.  He got a great video of the ship pulling into port.  Hearing the people screaming and cheering for this ship got me so stoked. 

If you don't want to watch that video, make sure you check out the recap video of the ship coming into port over at the Disney Parks Blog.

I am so anxious to hear as things continue to progress the next few weeks as the ship prepares for the first official Cruise!  And you can bet I'll be following closely!  

As for me, this week I've officially started my workout regimen.  A girl's gotta get in shape for this cruise...and I have every desire to make myself not look like a flabby mess.  The goal is to loose that pesky 15 pounds everyone wants to loose.  I have 5 months to do it...I think it's doable.  But, I've never been the best at sticking with workout we'll see what happens.  Maybe having a real goal to reach for will really help me in succeeding.  I'm on Day 5....and right now my legs are SUPER SORE!!!  So, I guess it's working. 

Finally this week, and speaking about working out, I want to wish those running in the WDW Half and Full (and the Goofy) Marathon this weekend, best of luck to you all.  I so wish I could have made it down there this weekend, but alas, I didn't win that lottery jackpot this week, so, it's a no go for me.  :(

All that training (I hope you've been training) has hopefully paid off and your time is now here!  You all are gonna rock this race weekend.  And hey, looks like the weather is gonna be a big improvement over last year!!!  So, that's a plus for you all! 

So best of luck to those who are running and even those who are chEARing!  This weekend is a blast, I know it's gonna create lasting memories for all of you.  It certainly did for me...even as a non-runner!


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You can totally do that in 5 months! I mean, you've got a Disney cruise to shoot for! :)

Cozyflier said...

Riki, I've been following news about the new Dream too! You can do that goal, but if you want some easy help, check out:
If you order, mention my name, Carrie Funk. For every 3 friends that order, I get a free bottle!

Since November 19th, I've lost 29" overall, 13 pounds, and dropped 2 pant sizes!! Daughter Amelia is doing great on it too!

I'm eating what I want, not starving, did not gain weight during the holidays, and my workout is the Wii when I can fit it into my schedule!

We took our first cruise last June for our 25th! You will LOVE it! It was fantastic! I can't wait to go on another!

Good luck. Hugs,

Amanda said...

The Dream pulling into Port Canaveral was actually on the local news when we were down at WDW. It was awesome!