Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Disney Dream: Christening Cruise

I know I've been hitting you all hard the past few days, but so much great stuff has been coming out from Disney that I knew I had to talk about it all.  And today we saw the Christening of the Disney Dream.

So, I have to say, with all the coverage, I'm just a tad bit jealous!  I want to be on that ship so bad.  June simply cannot come soon enough. 

But, since I cannot be on the ship over the next few days to find out all the wonderful things the ship has to offer myself, I am following along with as many ways that I can on the internet.  Of course, after today, it may be a few days before we get actual details of the ship, since once the ship sets sail, communication with the outside world typically goes away until you get back to port.

With all that being said, I wanted to give those of you who are excited about the Disney Dream links to find out who to follow.

Of course right now, Twitter is our friend.  Make sure you are following:  @insidethemagic, @loumongello, @jason_garcia, @mom_and_mouse@wdwtodaypodcast, @allearsdeb, @disneyfoodblog, @MPMark and @momspanelbernie

These are just a few of the MANY people you should be following who are taking the exciting cruise over the next few days.  Of course, I'm sure all these people will have plenty of info on all their respective sites when they return back from the cruise as well.

And with that being said, there is one more blog I think you should check out and that's a travel blog for the Chicago Sun Times.  Since no one from the St. Louis area seems to be on the Dream, Chicago is the next closest area, so I'm following her trip closely.  (Gotta represent that Midwest love!)

Can you tell I'm excited about this ship?!

And by the way, I do want to thank everyone who is able to report for all of us who are stuck at home (with a snow storm on the way here on tap for tomorrow, by the way).  You all may be killing me...but I know it's only gonna be a matter of time before I get to step foot myself on that beautiful ship.

Edit:  I wanted to post the official video of the Christening of the Disney Dream.  So without further adieu, here it is: 


Cozyflier said...

I watched my first pod cast today Rikki!!!! It was AWESOME!
I'm going to have to give up on the wait list for the DVC members only cruise and just book a cruise! I'm so excited too! Thanks for posting all the info. I know you will enjoy your cruise so much, we sure enjoyed ours!

Michelle said...

Rikki - Thanks so much for posting the video of the Christening. Being so busy the last few weeks, I missed it when it was live. Totally sitting here in my office with tears in my eyes watching it (yes, I'm a dork). Look forward to seeing you on the beautiful ship soon.

Unknown said...

You are so welcome Michelle! Can't wait myself!!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh and Thanks Carrie!!! I'm so excited! I can't believe the ship I've been waiting for is finally here!