Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marching Along We're Adventurers!

Marching Along We're Adventurers
Singing the Song of Adventure's
Up or Down, North, South East, or West
An Adventurer's Life is Best

Ah...the Adventurer's I miss you so. I miss the fun and frivolity that was had in your wonderful building.

Yep...that's right...two years later (seriously can't believe it's already been two years since it's doors closed to the general public!) and I'm still not over the closing of my beloved Cloob.

But alas! There are others like me who still miss the excitement. Known as the Congaloosh Society, these fans are holding a gathering/fan convention from Oct. 8-10 known as Congaloosh 2010!

And let me tell you, they have some fabulous events planned. There will be Q & A session with the cast, a stand up comedic performance by Karl Anthony (AKA Blondie as he was known to many) and a vocal set by Andrea Canny. Other activities will include park meet ups, presentations from Jim Korkis, a trade show, and an improv workshop. Oh and best of all...the thing that sounds the most amazing is a brand new, once in a life time after hours Adventurer's Club show taking place in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Theater and including a never before seen script with some of the Adventurer Club performers.

Regular registration will be available until September if you want to go, better act quick to save a little bit. Tickets will be $140 for a single day or $250 for the entire weekend. There will be late registration available after September 15th.

I really wish I could go to this event! Alas, I will have just missed it by a few days. It sounds like an amazing time and I'm incredible jealous of those of you who will get to attend.

For those who never got the opportunity to visit the Club when it was around, to me, this sounds like the next best thing. So if you were ever curious about the place, you do not want to miss this event!

For those who maybe were curious about what the Club was like, I have some videos I took on the few last nights of the Club's existence for the average guest. This gives you a taste of the kind of fun that was had and why it is missed so dearly. And why you need to go to Congaloosh 2010!

For more information or to register for the event, make sure to check out for more details!

Oh and one last thing....Kungaloosh!!!!

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scott said...

To anyone going, lease take lots of pictures and video at Congaloosh 2010 and share them online. Did you know youtube now accepts video up 15 minutes long? Please take pity on those of us that can't go and share the adventure with us!