Friday, September 3, 2010

The Bloggie Awards 8/30/10 - 9/3/10

Happy Labor Day weekend! Can you believe summer is "officially" over? It feels like it just got started! And already Disney is starting with their Halloween decorations! Time to get in the Fall spirit I guess...though I certainly am not ready by any means!

With that being said, you all want to get to your weekend, so I'll make this short and sweet for ya!!!

5. Ok, so I've never been here before, but everything I hear about Tusker House, including a review from The Main Street Gazette, tells me I need to get over there pronto!

4. I love the little details around Disney...they are what makes the park so unique...and so...well, Disney. The Disney Parks Blog is no exception to sharing some of those details. Here is one from somewhere where I bet you wouldn't guess.

3. Touring Plans has been having a series called the Connected Traveler...and this week, brings up Part 3 featuring something that I've now been playing with. helps you organize your trips...just about every a very unique way. Read the article and play with the's worth playing with! (PS...Todd, I'm really liking this series and I'm hoping you keep it up for while! I'm learning so much! It's all very Betamouse!)

2. So about those little things I talked about earlier...over at WDW News Today, there was an article about things that the author sees as his own personal Walt Disney World...His World. The things that make up the excitement for his vacations. I wholeheartedly agree with all of them. Each one, when pictured, takes me directly to Disney. And some of them are things that I look the most forward to each trip. Even though they have nothing to do with attractions.

1. So...I've recently fallen in love with the Polynesian. It has quickly gone to the top of my list as one of those "when I have a lot of money I'm going to stay here" resorts! Over at Studios Central, they talk about all the reasons why the Poly is such a fantastic resort and why you need to at least make the trip over there once to see it. (Plus, I may have mentioned once or twice how in love I am with the Adult Grilled Cheese that can be found at there quick service restaurant Capt. Cooks!)

Happy reading! Have a great 3 Day Weekend! And just a warning...the News and Rumors will be late this week. I'll try to get them out on Monday when I get back from my mini vacay! :)


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I absolutely LOVE the Poly. I want to stay there so badly!

I was listening to Inside Disney Weddings today and heard that Disney Weddings just announced a new package for weddings/vow renewals and one of the new sites is on the beach at the Poly. Can you imagine getting married there?!

Unknown said...

That would be amazing! I would so love to get married on the beach at the Poly!!! Sign me up!!!