Sunday, August 1, 2010

News & Rumors 7/26/10 - 8/1/10

News and Rumors are gathered from various different websites. All rumors are rumors and are to be taken as such.


  • The queue to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has been temporarily re-routed to allow for the construction of a new queue.
  • Speaking of Winnie the Pooh, the attraction will be closed for refurbishment Oct. 25 -Nov. 14th.
  • The Glas und Porzellan Shop at the Germany Pavilion in Epcot has now closed to make way for the new Karamelle-Kuche store which will sell many delectable treats. The store is expected to open in Sept.
  • Around 3 pm, a new "show" has begun in Epcot at the bridge lift where the barges for Illuminations float in. Before, nothing would happen, just the bridge would lift, then go back down. Now, songs from Tapestry of Nations play and a narrative is given about the show itself and the hardware that is needed for the show.
  • The Main Street Electrical Parade is not going anywhere! (Worst kept secret EVER by the way). It's run is expected to be open ended (but rumors are floating that it will be around for 2 years.) Speculation is that the MSEP is staying while refurb work is done on SpectroMagic. (It's rumored that Spectro is practically being rebuilt. Rumor says it will be like a whole new parade when it returns.)
  • The company HP has expanded their business deal with Disney by sponsoring the fieldhouse at the ESPN Wide World of Sport, giving them naming rights to the area. Storytime with Belle, which took place in the Fantasyland Garden in the Magic Kingdom is going to be replaced with a new show featuring Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. Storytime with Belle will end Sept. 12th. The new play and greet experience is expected to begin Oct. 15th.
  • Another show is expected to leave the parks, being replace by another show, but this time, it's over at the Studios. High School Musical 3: Senior Year is going to be replaced by a new show Disney Channel Rocks! featuring songs from original Disney channel movies. HSM3 is expect to close Oct. 2nd and the new show is expect to open Oct. 22nd.
  • As a reminder, It's a Small World closed today for a refurb of what has been rumored to be the queue area. Rumor has it all that is happening is the entrance will be moved back to where the original entrance was, over by Pinocchio Village Haus.
  • The Monorail is expected to get a new expansion...sort of. A new maintenance spur is to be constructed off the Epcot line to store and stage a work tractor, which is used to tow broken down trains and inspect the tracks.
  • Tangled artwork has been added to the Magic of Disney Animation tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • Disney's made some changes to their cancellation policies for 2011. Cancellations made less than 46 days prior to arrival will have a $200 cancellation fee. Changes made to a reservation after the final payment due date will in a $50 change fee and a 15 processing fee.


  • Work is expected to begin on the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights starting in early Sept.
  • During Toy Story Midway Mania's refurb, (Aug. 16 - 28), Darth Maul is expected to be included in the Jedi Training Academy, along with Darth Vader.
  • Also, Sounds Dangerous is expected to re-open seasonally both during the Toy Story Mania refurb as well as the Star Tours refurb (Sept. 8 - May 16, 2011.)
  • Rumors are re-emerging that Carl and Dug may be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom for meets this fall.
  • Mother Gothel is expected to appear in the Tangled nighttime pre-parade. (First I've heard of this pre-parade as well.)
  • The Fairies are expected to move to a different park once Toontown closes, around Jan. or Feb. 2011.
  • Also some changes with the characters in the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade appear to be coming. Naveen, Queen of Hearts, Tiana, and White Rabbit will be introduced Aug. 9th, however, Baloo and King Louie will be removed.
  • The Rock n' Roll Beach Club (or at least the former club...) at Pleasure Island is supposedly on the chopping block, being demolished possibly for a lighthouse bar/restaurant.
  • The Adventurer's Club is being rumored as coming back, but to a new land that is expected to be built in the AK.
  • One Man's Dream may be getting an area for featuring artwork and models for future attractions when it reopens from it's upcoming refurb.


Didi said...

I really hope the Adventurer's Club one is true as I've never seen it. AK would be the best place to put it as I don't really like going to Pleasure Island.

Unknown said...

I too of course would love to see the re-emergence of the Adv. Club! And I agree, the AK seems like a good place to put it for sure.

Anonymous said...

That's the first time I heard about One Man's Dream getting a new exhibit area with models and artwork for upcoming attractions.

WDW hasn't done that in ages and it's something that they really should start doing again anyway. With all the major new things on the way (the Fantasyland expansion, Star Tours II, etc.), it's a very good idea to do something similar to the Blue Sky Cellar at California Adventure.

Canadian Rob said...

I am so glad TSMM is opening up August 28th, we are there the 24th to Sept 2nd. I would have cried if I couldn't go on it! (a big manly type cry... of course)

Unknown said...

Anonymous: I agree. I would love to see something like this somewhere on WDW property. I really hope it does come to fruition, because it just seems like a no brainer idea.

Rob: So glad that you'll get to experience TSMM! It really is a lot of fun!