Friday, August 13, 2010

The Bloggie Awards 8/7/10 - 8/13/10

Hello again! Hope your week has been stellar! And Happy Friday the 13th! (Who's superstitious?!)

This week, we saw a lot of interesting stuff in the blogger world. Some were articles that surprised...others were just good information...just as always, but this week just seemed to have a bit more.

5. I've admitted it before, and I'll admit it again. I have never seen Star Wars and don't really plan on seeing it. However, with that being said, I do love the attraction Star Tours. Granted, I don't get as much out of it as a an actual Star Wars Fan. But even though I don't always understand everything, I too am curious as to what they're doing with Star Tours. And this week, Disney posted on their Blog a new video all about the attraction. (I just hope it will be something that us non-Star Wars fans can understand when it reopens. And I'm glad they're keeping the little chimy noise in there. It is one of those sounds that makes me think of Disney.)

4. As I had mentioned previously, Disney Shawn is doing a great series about Blizzard Beach. Here is another can't miss article about some of the story that many just typically walk by. (Love all the details here!)

3. The Touring Plans Blog had an interesting Foto Face Off Match Up this week. Epcot VS Epcot Center. This is always an interesting debate where I fall into the category that is always less popular among Disney fans (see my take on it in the article.) But there are some great answers (even if they disagree with me) and some great pictures representing these two options.

2. Inside the Magic this week, took us into a survey that Disney has been sending out to recent visitors. On it are some very interesting questions of different park tickets we all my possibly be interested to see. (Personally, I like the after 3:00 ticket and the "Disney Theme Park Club" option. Most of the other things I think are things Disney should be offering anyway, without charging a premium for. I'm curious what you all think about these as well. Let me know in the comments which ones you love and which ones you'd hate to see come to pass.)

1. To me, this article makes me happy. The Daily Disney had a great article interviewing Tom Staggs, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman. The fact that the rumors I'd been hearing were right. Disney is looking into making some changes to the Fantasyland expansion. It's not that I was unhappy with the previous expansion. I thought it would be great for what it would be...I just thought there was something missing (namely rides...and I'd hope to see quality rides) and I really hope that with this update to the expansion, they fix that glaring issue. It appears that they may be. (Here is the other article that they ran after the first one, going into more details).

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