Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bloggie Awards 8/14/10 - 8/20/10

What an insane least here on my end...and unfortunately, it appears I still have a few days of insanity left. So, I at least hope this weekend brings you some rest. (I know it's not necessarily going to be bringing me any!)

So, I know there's no time to waste...let's dive into the must read blogs for this week!

5. The Imagineering Field Guides...a must have for those of us in the Disney community. Short, little books that tell us the details in making up the theme park. Matt at Studios Central (the guru on all things Studios) tells us whether this book is worth it or not.

4. It appears as if Disney is putting a massive effort into their Weddings lately. There were two articles out this week involving the booming industry. First The Disney Parks Blog talks about The Disney Wedding's newly relaunched Facebook App. Second, Stitch Kingdom talks about the newly redone Franck's Bridal Studio, including some photos of the newly redesigned area.

3. Touring is starting a great new series called The Connected Traveller. This is an article that all the planners out there need to read. Especially those planners addicted to their smart phones. I can't wait to read the other articles that will crop up in this series.

2. We've all thought about it. Some of us have even applied. Many have applied multiple years. The Disney Mom's Panel is like the holy grail of Disney fandom. And Zanna over at Zannaland has some great tips on how to pursue going about applying this next year. Make sure to read this over if you are thinking of applying. You know what...on second thought...don't. I want to be a Mom...:) You all applying just increases the competition. lol!

1. As I many have mentioned in this past Wednesday's blog post...I'm super excited about Epcot's Food and Wine Festival this year. It's my first one, so I'm looking for the best tips you all have (make sure to leave me them in the comments section!). AJ, over at the Disney Food Blog, has given some pretty good tips this week on how to best tour the Festival, depending on what type of group you find yourself in.

So that's gonna do it for this week! Happy reading and I'll see you on Sunday for the News and Rumors!

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