Friday, August 6, 2010

The Bloggie Awards 7/31/10 - 8/6/10

It's been a week of increases all week...what with park tickets increasing, the fact that LeCellier will be a 2 Table Service meal for dinner in March. It's also been a week for openings, as Via Napoli opened with much fanfare!

This week also plenty of other articles that weren't related to those few topics, so let's get to it!

5. I love little touches that Disney does with things. It makes Disney, Disney. John over at Owner's Locker has a great little blurb about the Yacht Club.

4. The wedding industry...something I am quite familiar with. So I wasn't sure I'd enjoy The Disney Wedding Blog much. Especially since I'm already married. But I LOVE this blog and am so glad I've recently added it. My favorite things couples do is when they personalize their wedding around them, and this couple certainly did that! Check out their Haunted Mansion themed invites!

3. Last week, I talked about how great Blizzard Beach is in the Mouse-standing List. This week, Disney Shawn decided to take a look at the back story about the whole park. The whole series is worth a read, but I really enjoyed his article about the Legend of Blizzard Beach the most.

2. As we all know, Disney has increased their ticket prices, yet again. (Look at my previous article about my take on it.) Over at DisneyBiz, they look at whether tickets are overpriced. I learned a lot from this article. Really, really good one to take a look at for sure.

1. The Orlando Sentinel's Daily Disney this week wrote a really good article about the "Disco Yeti." This has been a problem for years and it really disappoints me as it is a definition of bad show being in effect at WDW. For example, if the Auctioneer in Pirates goes down, the attraction goes down. Why is this not the case with Everest? It should be.

That's gonna do it for this week! Make sure to check out the News and Rumors on Sunday! See you then!

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