Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Table for Two for Pizza Planet

Ok...I'm not announcing something here, so don't get excited on me yet...but seriously, wouldn't this be an awesome idea? If Disney actually decided to create a character meal with the Toy Story characters?

As we've recently been able to all tell...The Toy Story franchise is HUGE! Just look at the numbers that the current Toy Story 3 movie has been pulling. They've been absolutely insane! One of the top grossing films of the year. (Matter of fact, Disney has had major successes in movies this year, what with the franchise of Alice in Wonderland as well...another franchise they should really be looking at for possible ideas.)

I mean, let's face it. You can't go into a store right now without seeing some sort of Toy Story item on the shelf. Whether it be a toy, food products, basically any thing marketable, it's got some sort of Toy Story logo on it! So obviously...there's something here. These are wildly popular characters.

So, with the smash success of Toy Story 3, why shouldn't Disney create a character meal for the Toy Story characters? The movie has proven these characters are popular still. Why else would all of humanity (it would seem like) run out to the movie theater to see this film? So, that being said, to me, a Toy Story character meal seems like a slam dunk idea.

Imagine, if you would, Woody, whooping it up with a fellow cowboy (or girl!), Jessie and Bullseye could be there too. And of course, you'd have Buzz present greeting his fellow space rangers. It wouldn't be a character meal without him. You could have the the Green Army Man Sargent barking orders for the whole restaurant to get up and dance. And of course, Lotso could be there in his strawberry evilness.

It sounds amazing right? I know I would want to eat there!

And character meals are so popular in the parks and at the resorts. Some of the most coveted and popular meals are character related. So, we know it would do well in that respect. (Not to mention Disney could charge more for the meal simply because the characters are there. Hellllooo...Disney....I'm giving you an idea which will mean more money for your pocketbooks.)

So, I took to Twitter to see if I was the only one who thought this was a good idea...turns out...I wasn't. Here's what you all had to say about the matter...and of course, some of my additional thoughts. :)

tmac1980 Yes, this would be the first time any pixar character was represented in a character meal, correct?

IlluminatEpcot I think so, my son would LOVE it. Would also be a nice change from the "classic" Disney characters at a meal & be at the studios

This is one of the major reasons I like this idea. It would be the first time a Pixar character would be represented. I am all for this, since I'm an advocate of the fact that Pixar=Disney now.

molander1 Yes to TS character meal cuz it appeals to both boys & girls & I don't know any grown ups who didn't get a kick out of it, too!

Mgriss28 I say yes. It would be a nice alternative for boys. Although I'll still take the princesses. :-) Don't want it too boyish though. My DD2 is a huge TS fanatic!

Steph_in_MA (In response to Mgriss28) No, definitely want it to be gender friendly but I think more people with boys will go there over a Princess meal.

Steph also says, Steph_in_MA I think there should be a TS dining experience. Pixar is amazingly successful & people want an option that is more boy friendly

disneydo TS character meal would be nice but where to put it? my daughter enjoys Jesse & Woody.

meredy338 absolutely! Why haven't they done it yet?

dheinle Hell yes! Need something for the boy

Of course, some liked it as a viable option to the overly girly meals that can be found all over property. I do too. And I don't even have a son. (Yet...) But I think the character meal would be so popular, not because it appeals just to little boys. Instead, to me, the Toy Story characters appeal to everyone of every age range, boy or girl, kid or kid at heart. It is the perfect mix of characters. Much like Pooh and Friends or the Fab 5 are, to me.

Some of you even had great suggestions of where a character meal could be put inside the parks. Of which I agree with all. I think all are fabulous ideas that could definitely work, depending on how Disney wanted to brand this particular character meal.

I know my kids would love it & adding a new Pixar Place dining location or redoing Pizza Planet could be a nice venue.

nickphillips97 Yes, in a refurbished Pizza Planet to look just like the movie version

Been saying that for years! Helloooo Pizza Planet anyone?

wdwgrlz yes, because they need to balance the princess overload. Woody at Diamond Horseshoe or Buzz where the Odyssey was in EPCOT

RyanKilpatrick Absolutely! What about in the Diamond Horseshoe?

scottinwdw I think it would be a good idea. How about a Woody's Roundup meal at the Diamond Horseshoe?

Of course, there are some who aren't exactly thrilled with the idea as well. And they have valid points too.

I guess I see the appeal, but I probably wouldn't be super excited to go to a TS meal. There's already lots of TS in the parks.

This is true, Toy Story is already a huge presence in the parks. And is one of the reasons that I think is valid for not putting even more Toy Story in the parks.

My feeling is no, because the characters integrate very well into Pixar Place as a meet spot. Also, the costumes are tall and bulky, likely with some limited view for the characters: dangerous around food ;)

Big and bulky I didn't really consider at first, but it makes sense.

So, why hasn't Disney done this yet?

Are they afraid that it's too "boy," since it appears that with character meals, the main target is girls? As a female, I know I would be more than willing to book an ADR to hang with the Toy Story Gang! Do you think it has something to do with Pixar's contract? Maybe there's a reason we don't see any Pixar related character meals in the parks? Is it what @deefordisney suggested? Are the characters too bulky for character meals? What do you think could be the cause behind not doing this already?

Or, if you aren't mentioned above, why would you like to see a Toy Story character meal in the parks? Or are you one who wouldn't like to see it appear. Make sure to let me know in the comments section. :)

So, for now, I'll just wish for this type of dining experience. And maybe one day, Disney will hear my requests!


Canadian Rob said...

I think that would be awesome, and the 10 year old version of myself would BEG to go to it... but I have to agree with the costume issues. Can you imagine Buzz Lightyear trying to shimmy between tables and avoid knocking the drink tray out of the passing waitresses hands?

If it could somehow be done though... I think it would see MASSIVE success.

Alex said...

Despite being a huge fan of the Parks, I'm not someone who gets that excited about character greetings as an adult (I'll be sure to give my soon-to-be-born daughter the option though!). If I could pick any set of characters I'd be happy to dine with, though, Buzz, Woody et al would be it.

The day Pixar and Disney really became one was a wonderful day!