Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mouse-standing List: Blizzard Beach Edition

So, it's been hot in my house the past few days. The air conditioner has been on the fritz here and it's been well into the 90s this week, so I've been sweating my little patootie off!

So, I want to think about something cooler. Much cooler...and wetter...

What better place to dream to be right now but Blizzard Beach water park?!

I mean it's a perfect escape for me. First off...the water always feels good on those Animal Kingdom Hot days...but the theme fits my daydreaming wishes as well. I mean, where else are you gonna visit that has the theme of ski resort on the meltdown?

So, with that being said, I thought we'd take another look and do a Mouse-standing List for the infamous water park. (For those that don't remember, the Mouse-standing List are the most outstanding things I think a certain topic has to offer.) So let's get our swim suits on, slather on the sunscreen, and get our towel in our hands as we travel over to Blizzard Beach.

1. Summit Plummet - Ok...I know I'm too chicken to do this. I just hate the feeling of "Oh My God! I'm gonna fall off of this and end up dead." Even though I know in my head that's totally not the case. But for those of you who are brave enough to take on this scary water slide, it is totally worth the fear. (So I hear. :) ) My honorable mention for those of us who are terrified of this slide...Slush Gusher. It has a dip or two in it, so it's not AS straight down as Summit Plummet is, but it still has a section where it goes straight down. Maybe not to the same degree as SP. To me, that's enough scariness for one day though!

2. Competing against and bonding with your family and friends. Ok...I know a lot of you are on earth does one compete against people at a water park? Trust me, it can be done and with Brian and I...we're big competitors against each other. First are the Toboggan Racers, where you lay on a mat, push off, and go down the mountain. Brian and I compete to see who goes the furthest. Then there's Downhill Double Dipper where you do head to head races on a tube and see who gets down the fastest. Finally, even though we can't race on this bonding time is had by all on Teamboat Springs, which is the family raft ride where you go down the mountain all together.

3. Two words: Mini Doughnuts. How can you get better than dough, rolled in sugar with chocolate dipping sauce...*drools*

4. Look at all the Lazy People in the Lazy River. Ok...this isn't just about the Lazy River...more about the fact that at a Disney water park, it's easier to just sit back and relax, something that's a little harder for people to do when they're in the actual theme parks. Here, the water parks are made for relaxation. Take a circle or two around the Lazy River. Or better yet, grab a beach chair and lay down, either taking a nap or with a good book. So take a deserve it! I mean you are on vacation!

5. The theme. I much cooler (*rim shot*) is the idea of melting ski resort as a water park theme? Everywhere you see the theme permeates. Matter fact, this place is the definition of theme. From the names of things, to the fake snow, to the actual ski's everywhere. You can't go anywhere at this park where you don't feel like you should be "water" skiing. It is perfectly creative for sure!

And I have 1 honorable mention today.

6. The kids areas. Granted, I don't have kids yet, so I have yet to experience them, but even as an adult, these areas look like fun! So, I know the kids must enjoy them. I like Blizzard Beach more for kids because it has an area for little ones and an area for older kids too. This park really does have something for everyone!

Finally, I have one more thing I want to mention about the difference between a Disney Water Park and everyone else, which I realized thanks to a recent visit at Six Flags' water park here in St. Louis. At Disney, typically don't have to carry your tubes all the way up the hill and steps. Typically there is a tube retrieval area either at the very least half way the very best much closer to the entrance. To me...this is a total saving grace. I appreciate the fact that I don't have to work it so hard to enjoy the water slide I want to enjoy. Some may call it lazy...I just call it smart on Disney's part. :)

So, that's gonna do it for today's Mouse-standing List: Blizzard Beach Edition. What is it that makes Blizzard Beach so Mouse-standing for you? Make sure to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


Amanda said...

I've never been to Blizzard Beach since there's a much less expensive water park near where I live, but I remember watching Disney planning videos as a kid and thinking that the kids areas were SO COOL.

Unknown said...

I know how you feel. It is quite costly to go to the water parks there for sure. What I do is often use my Disney Dollars I get from my Disney credit card and that way it's essentially "free" to go, since I pay my credit card off every month.

I think it's worth it to visit at least once every few trips though. I mean we have water parks here too...but there is nothing like Blizzard Beach (and Typhoon Lagoon, though I'm partial to Blizzard Beach.)