Friday, July 23, 2010

The Bloggie Awards 7/17/10 - 7/23/10

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend, but let's get down to the goodies. Which blog posts were the cream of the crop for me this week?

5. First we have an article from The Daily Disney discussing how Disney is changing their on board computer policies on the buses for the drivers. I think this is a good step. I know how the drivers might not exactly love it, since they have to wait until they are at a stop to access the system now, but it should make things safer. I'm just hoping the whole thing goes completely computerized soon so they don't have to mess with it at all.

4. The Disney Blog had some great tips on what to do now that hurricane season is upon Florida. (And has been for almost 2 months now.)

3. So my buddy Jeff Chaney over at WedWay Radio's blog has been hoping he'd write an article that I'd end up featuring in here...and this week, he did! I love this story about how his dad used to torture him with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Oh and Jeff....I always went to Heaven...I don't know what you're talking about. :)

2. Nothing is better for many than the Cheddar Cheese Soup from LeCellier...and you can make it at home thanks to some help from Chef BigFatPanda and The Disney Food Blog. This article gives step by step instructions and some great tips to help along with the process.

1. Lastly, this is a two parter and once again, related to the Disney Dream. (Can you tell I'm EXCITED?!) Both are videos from the Disney Parks Blog. One shows a more before and after kind of look. The other shows a behind the scenes look at what's going on at the ship now. Both are just ramping up the excitement for June 2011!

So that's gonna do it for this week! See you on Sunday for News and Rumors! I've got some great rumors this week...just remember....that rumors are just that...rumors and not to be taken too seriously.


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

The video about the Dream is so amazing. I really have to convince my husband that we need to do a Disney cruise.

Btw, I just listened to the podcast where you talked about feeling weird to approach the characters as an adult. I wanted to send you good vibes, because I have the SAME issue! I feel so weird talking to princesses and asking them about, um, their dresses? when I'm with them. AWKWARD.

Unknown said...

I'm glad someone else has my "fear" of characters too. It feels so awkward...really, really awkward!

Jeff Betamouse said... and my sister always went to heaven. I must just be doomed to an awful life. Oh well, might as well have fun along the way! ;)