Friday, July 2, 2010

The Bloggie Awards 6/26/10 - 7/2/10

Hello and welcome back to this week's Bloggie Awards. (At this point...I may be sticking with it! Stupid name, but it works. lol!)

Sorry for missing this last week, but alas, I was away in Kansas City soaking up some sun at Schlitterban! (Fun place, by the way!)

But let's get on with the show! My favorite blog posts of this week, in no particular order:

5. I know a lot of people complain when Disney does things on the cheap...I can be one of them...but reading an article from The Daily Disney about how much money Disney can save just in costumes...well, that to me was an interesting read. (Buzz Lightyear's space suit is EXPENSIVE!!!!)

4. This week, Studios Central had some really good much so, I can't pick just one...really all Disney fans need to read all 3 of these great articles. (I'm so cheating here...) Matt talked about the story of why the Sorcerer's Apprentice is seen in The Great Movie Ride. He also discussed the backstory of the current version of Star Tours. Finally, and my favorite article as it's one that speaks near and dear to my heart as I attempted (and I feel failed...wish I could re-write it now...I know what I'm doing...) to write a paper my freshman year of college about a topic similar to this is. Jennifer wrote a great article about is Toy Story 3 sexist? (for me, I wrote my paper on Disney Princess though). All 3 were fascinating and all 3 should be read!

3. Disney Coffee mug: $11 Coffee Pot: $20 Coffee Beans: $5.99 A Conversation with a good friend: priceless (At least thanks to this article by The Disney Parks Blog. )

2. Over at Samland, a nice feature about something that now I've read about it, makes complete sense. Learn a bit about the Urban Design of Future World.

Finally, in preparation of this glorious 3 Hour Finale (wait...I've got a minute and a half! Gasp!)...

1. My favorite article is one that would do Sam Eagle proud. A detailed look at the American Adventure Pavilion from the Touring Plans blog.

So, that's gonna do it for this week! I hope you all have a very Happy and very Safe 4th of July weekend!

So until next week when I'll be bringing a little more pixie dust to your day!

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