Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bloggie Awards: 6/5/10 - 6/11/10, it's kind of a stupid name. I swear I had something really creative for this new selection of posts, but I lost it as quick as it came in. Lol! So if you have any sure to let me know in the comments what you think I should title my blog roll every week.

Here's my list of my favorite blog posts from this week!

5. Over at, a great article was posted about tips for those who dine in the park with special dietary requests. As someone who has no dietary needs, it's interesting to learn how Disney actually goes about handling this kind of situation.

4. Scott over at DisneyBiz wondered where the sponsors of attractions have gone. I too had wondered about this in the past, so I enjoyed someone's take on this issue.

3. The Disney Parks Blog had a fun little piece about some of the Streetmosphere characters that can be found on Main Street USA. These folks often don't get a lot of mentions, so I thought I'd make sure and highlight them here too. (I've had the chance to meet the Fire Chief, myself. He's a fun man!)

2. With talk about the Main Street Electrical Parade returning to the resort, there's one constant "parade" that has remained over the years. Over at Studios Central, a look is taken into one of my favorites, the Electrical Water Pageant.

and my favorite blog entry this week was...

1. Over at The DVC Life, Katie had a guest blogger Steph discuss why she decided to purchase DVC. It's a must read for anyone who's ever remotely considered purchasing.

Finally, I wanted to post one last entry. This one isn't among my top 5, but I thought it should be mentioned. A week or so ago, I posted the article about how people shouldn't be afraid to complain to Disney, based of an experience Katie had staying at Old Key West. This was a long saga that has finally come to an end. Check out the (satisfying) conclusion.

That's my favorites from this week! And as always, I hope I bring a little pixie dust to your day!


Scott said...

Thanks for the mention Rikki!

Unknown said...

You are most welcome! :)