Friday, June 18, 2010

The Bloggie Awards: 6/12/10 - 6/18/10

Yep...still can't remember what title I was originally gonna call this. So, The Bloggie Awards continue until I remember or until I can actually think of what it was that I was originally gonna call this section on the blog.

So, enough of that foolishness (What kind of foolishness would you like to see?), here are my favorite blog articles from this week:

5. If you can't already tell from my previous favorite posts, I'm a Harry Potter fan and yes, I do plan on making the pilgrimage over to Universal (ack!) this October. With that being said, Blue Sky Disney takes an interesting look at why Harry Potter's new world may end up being a good thing for the House of Mouse.

4. This week, I talked briefly about Toy Story's presence in the Block Party Bash over at DHS. (For DHS Awareness week.) Over at the DisneyShawn Blog, Shawn posted a fabulous article discussing in further detail all about the entire parade.

3. I must be hungry for dessert. AJ at The Disney Food Blog talked about all the great places you can get Disney Rice Krispie Treats. (And OMG, I am going to have to do whatever that girl did to that Mickey shaped one in the bottom pictures...that think looked INCREDIBLE!!!)

2. This week, one of my favorite feel good stories was posted. At the Disney Parks Blog is a follow up about a fun story about a couple who ended up finding out they they were both in the same childhood picture. Disney recreates that day, only with them and their kids.

And my favorite article from the week:

1. This has been something I've been struggling with for, well, it seems like forever....those of you who listen to the podcast know how much I struggle with this issue, because of a certain friend I have, but over on The Disney Chick Blog, discussion is had about what it means to be a "Disney fan", especially to the outsiders in our lives.

That's it for this week! Stay tuned for next week's best of the best!

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