Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Even though I've had a blog for coming up on 2 years (wow! I can't believe it's been that long!) I feel as if I've never really gotten the whole thing down. Sure, I'd write stuff...but I'd see things on other's blogs and wondered how they did that. But I've never been, in my eyes an exceptional blogger. A blogger, yes...but not a great one.

That is until I got a bit of a kick in the butt last week. Last week, did an episode all about blogs and I learned some valuable stuff. But one of the things I learned the most (besides the fact that Google Reader is the BEST invention ever and now I'm totally addicted to actually reading blogs on a daily basis. Why I didn't know about this, I have no idea! Oh and if you aren't using it yet, you really should be. It's fabulous!) is that my blog needed some attention of it's own.

So, I thought it was time to do some Spring Cleaning. Slowly but surely, I've been making changes. Fixing things, here and there, some of which are things that I've seen on other people's pages. Granted, I'm not the smartest at figuring it all out, but I think I'm doing a better job around these parts. :)

Because of that, I have a few questions for you all. Because, I want this blog to be interactive. I definitely don't just want to talk at you all, but have you all participate with me. It gets boring just having a one way conversation over here. Which is why I include polls periodically and ask questions that I ask you all to comment on.

That being said, is there anything bloggy (yep, made up that word) that you would like to see that you've seen on other blogs? A blog roll of my top blogs, a "you might also like these" similar blog entries roll call, a labels list, a way to get posts sent by email, a list of my favorite podcasts? Would you like to see a brand new physical blog layout? Is there anything you wouldn't like to see?

Also, I'm toying adding another column here, what with my new found love and understanding of all other blogs, of my Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week. This is where I'll post some of my favorite posts from the other talented bloggers in the WDW community. I've seen this done by a few other blog posters and thought it was fun. Is this something you may like to see? This would be done on another added blog post for the week. I wouldn't be taking away any of the regular columns. Or should I just stick with the twice a week updates: 1. the News and Rumors Roll call of the Week and 2. my take on a current Disney topic?

Is there anything else you all would like to see me try with this blog. I am open for suggestions, as I'm trying to make this blog a lot better for you I'd really love your help on the matter!

Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments section, so I know where to go from here.

Hope you all are enjoying the changes going on here and that my posts bring a little Disney to your day!


Jeff said...

I would love to see links to your top 5 blogposts! Links to your favorite podcast episodes might be fun too. --Jeff C

Michelle said...

I love the idea of the Top Five Blog posts of the week! I wouldn't want it to replace your regular weekly posts, but as an addition I think it would be fabulous. I need to look into Google Reader.

Jillian said...

Agree, I also really like the idea of a top 5 blog post as an additional post. Also maybe a lighter background on the page. I don't know why but I enjoy sites that seem light and airy (lol i know random). I think it might be cool too to have people do guest posts so maybe once a month you have someone else's take on the current state of Disney. Or maybe a few. You can do like a month end wrap up and have some of the BOGP fam give their take too. I'm really like the collaborating of bloggers that's been going on lately and I think it would be a great addition to your blog :)

Let me know anyway I can help!