Thursday, April 29, 2010

Special Thursday Post: It's Official! Free Dining is Back!

Free dining is once again back for 2010. Right now it is only available to Disney Visa card holders. Travel dates include August 8, 2010 - October 2, 2010. (And yes, if you are booked to begin your trip Oct. 2nd, you will still get free dining for the length of your trip, as long as it's under the same package...meaning you aren't switching rooms or anything.)

This year's plan is a little different though. Value Resorts get the Quick Service Dining Plan (but can upgrade to the Regular Dining Plan if they choose and pay an additional $10 per person). Moderates and Deluxes will receive the Regular Dining Plan. (Which can be upgraded to the Deluxe Dining Plan for an additional $30 per person.)

There are also some additional stipulations on Free Dining. Guests must book a 3 night package and must book a 2 day ticket. Also, currently, since this is being offered for Disney Visa card holders right now, you must book the deposit and pay the balance off with your Disney Visa card. If you do not have a Disney Visa card or don't want to use it to pay for the trip, you will have to wait a few days until Free Dining is offered to the general public, as May 2nd is when we should see it released for everyone else. You must book your trip by August 14th.

By the way, a great tip I found on, is that if you have a free volunteer ticket, you can save by purchasing the minimum 2-day ticket for this plan and then upgrading your free volunteer ticket for any additional days you may need.

I also highly suggest using The Magic For Less Travel to book your vacation. They'll do a great job for you and really make all trip planning hassle free. Get a no obligation quote here. (The Magic For Less Travel is in no way a sponsor to this site, I just really believe in their product. I've had them book many trips for me and they all take great care of you. They will walk you through all the hard stuff and help plan a successful trip.)

So, get your Free Dining now! I know how much everyone loves free food! It really is a great Disney promo, even though it's been changed quite a lot in the past few years. It can really save you money. But, make sure you look at all options, because Free Dining may sometimes not always be the best value for you either. So really do your homework on the matter.

Oh, and if you haven't already reserved LeCellier in hopes Disney will release Free Dining...good luck getting a slot! I think I got one of the last lunch offerings right at 180 days for my trip.

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