Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is The Great Movie Ride Too Out of Date?

Over on this past week, there was a bustling conversation about "Is the Great Movie Ride Lost on Today's Youth?".

The Great Movie Ride is one of those attractions where you usually have an opinion on the status of what the shape the ride is in...either you think the ride is perfect the way it is or you think that it definitely needs some updates. In the discussion, a lot of good points were brought up, both for the pros and cons.

So it got me to thinking, what really is the status of this classic, Disney's Hollywood Studio attraction? Personally, I love the ride as a whole. I think it really is a perfect fit for the Studios, both the Studios of past and the Studios of present. But there are definitely some things that could be looked into and, in my view, tweaked just a bit.

The purpose of the attraction is to showcase the classic movies...those movies and genres that are so timeless that just seeing one scene can transport you right into the film. And for the most part, this attraction does that and does it well. The different kinds of movie genres are well represented...with something for every movie buff, seemingly included.

As was mentioned in the thread posted above, a lot of people do question whether this attraction is too out of date. The common claim is that a good portion of the movies that are portrayed are lost on the kids (and some of the adults) nowadays. I would know...a few years ago, I used to be one of those people.

But, as I've grown out of that seemingly selfish stage, I've learned that this attraction, isn't meant to necessarily appeal to the kids. Now, I know you're thinking...what on earth is she talking about? It's Disney World, of course it's supposed to appeal to kids.

What I mean by that though, is that kids, yes, should enjoy it...but they don't have to understand every single thing that's presented. For the most part, I think this is a good rule of thumb for an attraction like this. I mean, let's face it, there are movies that are shown in this attraction, that even I haven't seen...but the important part is the edutainment factor of this attraction is there. It's meant to be an enjoyable learning experience of some of the best of the best movies around.

That being said, that doesn't mean that I believe this attraction should remain stagnant...the way it is. I mean, let's face it, the movies that are depicted in AudioAnamatronic form are, at the most recent, from 20 years ago. If you really think about it, nothing current has been added, in that form of the attraction. It would be nice if they would take maybe one scene or so and update it with a current "classic" movie from the more recent past. This way there would be something represented from all time periods, instead of missing a chunk of recent time.

Now, I am aware that the film at the end has been updated more recently, but still, this film needs some TLC as well. There are some movies shown in this montage that are not considered, even close to be "classics." (Sister Act, while I loved you as a movie as a kid...I'm looking at you for sure. Same with Three Men and a Baby.) The film quality should also be increased. They should look into doing something with it like they are supposed to be doing with the MuppetVision 3D film. Just a spit and polish. Really make it shine.

Updating this film shouldn't be too terribly difficult and in my opinion, should be done every few years or the very least every 5 years. Keep things fresh.

I also wish the AudioAnamatronics would get some TLC as well. Give the attraction a refurb on the caliber of Spaceship Earth's AAs. They really look spectacular now. The Great Movie Ride's AAs look quite waxy to me. They really need some love.

As I've mentioned though...I really love the Great Movie Ride the way it is. I definitely don't think it's too out of date...but I do think it needs a good quality refurb to get it back to tip top shape quality. I think with a little work, this attraction will be 100% at the top of it's game, yet again.

So, that being said...what do you think of the shape of the Great Movie Ride? Is it too out of touch with today's youth? Do you love it the way it is? Let me know either here in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @RikkiNibs .

Also, make sure you listen to this upcoming Monday's Be Our Guest Podcast episode. Mike and I deliver our State of the Parks Address...sure it's April, 3 months late of when the President delivers his...but that's how we do things here...absolutely backwards. :) It's a great show though. In the episode, we do like what I've done here with this blog post and take the parks and look at what's working really well and what could be improved. So make sure you're listening on Monday!


Susie said...

I love this ride, it's one of my favorite attractions in DHS. I agree that it should be tweaked, but a lot of the Animatronic scenes are of classics that I love, like Mary Poppins, Casablanca, and The Wizard of Oz. I like that they tweaked the film a couple years ago while keeping a lot of the older scenes.

Anyway, I do think that a lot more young people appreciate it than some people realize (those of us who are Disney purists, anyway).

Anonymous said...

I love the GMR just the way it is. I can see why some of the youth would want it changed, but it's classic Disney and I would hate to see any classic attraction change. Add to maybe, such a newer movies at the end.