Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inspiration at WDW

Every week on the podcast we take a topic and discuss it at length. Sometimes they can be extremely helpful in the trip planning process, but other times it's nice to take a look at some of the lighter things....and this past week, we took a look at something that was a little lighter fare...although, very thought provoking.

This week, we looked at what is it at WDW that inspires us. Unfortunately, I was unable to appear on the show, last minute, but I still wanted to share what things really do inspire me when I'm in the parks.

First and foremost, I am ALWAYS inspired when I see a Walt Quote, anywhere on property. And recently, I've found more inspiration around the parks, what with all the construction that seems to be taking place. You see, the new construction walls all have signs with quotes from the Man himself. One of the quotes that has been found in the parks is "Time and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future." Each construction wall has a different Walt quote to them, so you can be inspired many times over, as long as Disney is doing some type of construction. To me, Walt was always filled with great wisdom and it is so great that so much of it was recorded to be able to use to help inspire a new generation of people. A generation who will never see the man, but who will still be able to hear his message and hopefully, take much of his enlightenment to heart.

Another thing that really inspires me is something else that has to do with Walt...and his vision for the future. I always get a little inspired when I see the model for what was to be EPCOT...The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow in the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Although his vision never came to be, it's still inspiring just to see what he originally wanted to create. What a little dream could have possibly done, had he been able to live long enough to see it. And in that respect, it's easy to feel inspired even just being on Disney property, because that really is the proof that dreams can come true, if you put your mind to them. But that little model, really showed where Walt's dream was meant to be headed and it's amazing to think of what things would be like if it would have come to fruition. His model proves to me, that we all need to act when dealing with our own dreams, not just sit and be a spectator.

Finally, I am inspired by the music at WDW, specifically the music played at Epcot. (As Tim Foster would say when you listen to the WDW Radio Show Top 10 segments, go with me on this one.) This music, in my opinion, was written to influence. Currently, as we speak, the song Celebrate the Future is on and I don't know a better song to speak to the heart of inspiration. Because we should be celebrating the future, hand in hand. But also, I'm inspired by songs like One Little Spark from Journey into Imagination, We Go On from Illuminations, Golden Dream from American Adventure...even tracks that have no words under them, like the Innoventions Plaza music and the World Showcase Pre-Illuminations loop. (Or as I like to call it, Club Illuminations.) Each one inspires a different thing in think outside the box, to work together with all of humanity to make world a better be proud of our country and where we've come look towards the future with open arms...and that while all countries are unique, all countries should be able to live harmoniously with each other, if we just could look past our differences.

So, that brings me to my question. What inspires you at Walt Disney World? What do you get influenced by when you're down there? Make sure to let me know in the comments section. Because to me, as I've realized earlier this week, it's inspirational, learning about new things you may never have even thought of before. While driving in my car, I realized that without this podcast and blog, I would have never taken a look at some of the things that now, I couldn't imagine not doing during a trip. For example, without suggestions from others, I would have never really taken a good look at either the Polynesian or the Wilderness Lodge and now, a trip without visiting either of them makes the trip feel empty. I'm so happy I get the chance to help possibly enhance your trips and I LOVE when you all give me options of things that help to enhance mine. So, please, when I ask, I really do like for you to share...not just with me, but with others who may be reading the blog as well. You just never know when you suggest something, what it may do to influence someone else's trip.

(PS: Thinking of inspirational...I want to come up with some sort of inspirational closing at the end of each Wed. blog post, but am coming up with a blank. Each time I try, nothing comes to mind. I enlist your help. Please help me think of an inspirational tag and the best one will get chosen to be used weekly! Thanks for the help! Apparently I am uninspired. lol!)


Albert said...

I'm inspired by a lot at Disney. Waiting for the parks to open and counting down. Running to our first ride. Watching my kids smile when they get to shake the character's hands. Watching my kids or wife get chosen to be in a show or do something special. Having a plan to get all the rides ridden and it working. Listening to fireworks from our hotel. The little magical things that happen all around us like towels shaped like Mickey when we come back to our room. I could go on and on.

A couple of tagline ideas -

"Dream Big - Dream Disney"


"It's a Disney World After All: Go Explore it" or "Have Fun Exploring it"

I'll keep thinking. Great post.


ToyahTheWriter said...

Hi Rikki

I know it's kinda stealing it from Lou, as he says it a lot in his podcasts, but I love the power of 'Keep Moving Forward' - so simple, yet so meaningful!

Best wishes :o)