Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WDW Addict

This past week, I read an article online about the Ten Signs You're a Disney Addict. Now a lot of it was pretty tongue in cheek, although there is a little truth to some of the signs...I mean some people really do see Hidden Mickey's everywhere in their real life. That to me, actually does scream Disney Addict.

However there were some that if you really did say yes may possibly be taking things too far. Like getting banned from a forum for 30 days for fighting about pool hopping. That would be pretty hard-core...possible, but definitely hard core.

But that got me to thinking...there are some incredibly interesting things that people actually do in their real life because they are addicted to WDW. I mean, let's face it. Those of us who read Disney blogs, read message boards, listen to podcasts, and have multiple Disney friends on Twitter are definitely a little more addicted than most. So I decided to take to the streets, in the form of Twitter to find out some of the more fun things that people do in their daily lives and I got a ton of great answers!

I posted on Twitter that I was looking for an answer to the question, What makes you a #wdwaddict? (The hashtag makes it easy to find the answer for me, if someone doesn't re-tweet me, for those who aren't actually on Twitter.) So, without further adieu, here is what makes some of the great members of our Disney community, WDW Addicts.

EpcotExplorer: The fact that I have over 20 Gigs of Disney Parks Media on my computer certainly helps, no?
bama106: Giving up my Bama football season tickets, so we can go on even more WDW trips!
P19letUK: I got married in WDW, traveled 27,564 miles last yr to & from WDW, spent 112 days in last 8 yrs there.
Cookin_w_Mickey: We didn't [get] married at WDW but had our honeymoon & go back every year for our anniversary to celebrate.
LissaLuvsWDW: I use my 2 weeks vacay for WDW and try to fit another trip in too also listen to every wdw podcast
Cessna157: Being a vacation planner for MouseFan Travel makes me a wdw addict!
MyMuse18: let's see...4 trips in 12 months, D23 charter, ridiculous amounts of car toppers & vinylmation?
nicwillis007: The room in my house dedicated to Disney. 2 Disney mags i subscribe to, d23 member and WDW book junkie
DisThor: my first trip w/kids hooked me. I had been laid off & my stepdad was in for cancer surgery, the trip saved me from a stress related coronary and made me an addict.
Bixie23: I made ADRs for my bday, not knowing if I'd even be there. (Since cancelled, before I get hate posts)
pattie81: My tattoo for my birthday will be Maleficent, I was a CM, buys mickey items for my kids, need i go on?
brookegupton: Because I relate everything to something Disney!
RayMTT: Creating 2 websites & a podcast about Disney and having fun doing it
DisneyMBA: I became a WDW addict after a DCL cruise. Disney's customer focus and attention to detail won me over.
duckyislost: I am a wdw addict because the only time I don't have a trip countdown running is when I'm at WDW
DisneyDork69: I have a YOUTUBE page w/ all my Disney trip videos: DISNEY69 is my ID...
scottinwdw: Besides my blog and Twitter? It's the escape (as much as possible) from the real world for me.
jillybeaner21: I can't go a day without pricing out a vacation on Disney's website even if I'm not going
mdkamber: I'm a wdw addict because I make a conscious effort to not include Disney in every conversation I have as it annoys my non-Disney friends
MagicalMousecap: I'm a WDW addict: Disney Travel Planner, Vinylmation collector, D23 Charter Member, plan ADRs a year out, Disney on my car and wardrobe.
MarcRTM: I listen to WDW Radio Stations, I Podcast and listen to podcasts, talk about Disney non-stop.
amandatinney: The fact that i have a blog about it
TMAC1980: That my "imaginary friends" (eg. podcasters) quite possibly outnumber my real friends?
shaene_o_mite: The fact I have a Mickey Mouse tattoo and a necklace I have not taken off for 16 years!
MistressLynnie: I'm a wdw addict cuz even though I have a seasonal pass, I'm considering paying full price for 1 day ticket while here in the 407!
Section1Guy: when u can understand this "I have an ADR at 50sPTC after I ride RnRC.
BeOurGuestMike: I have a WDW Podcast, Radio Station, Website, and a BOGP [Be Our Guest Podcast] T-Shirt on right now.
SuzieLuvsDisney: I knew I was a wdw addict when I started looking for hidden Mickeys around town
SusieNotSusan: @You know you're a wdw addict when you find the BOGP [Be Our Guest Podcast] family and feel totally at home :)
jeff_chaney: When you are more excited about meeting Disney friends than going to the St Louis Zoo.
Duchess_99 I knew I was a wdw addict when I went on the Be Our Guest Podcast...hahaha! :)
MarkerMouse: Nothing MAKES me a wdw addict, I CHOOSE to be!!! And proudly I must say.

So many things make us WDW Addicts. It's simply a place where magic lives...and to me, that's what makes me a WDW Addict. I'm an addict because the magic lives in me. And I think that's a pretty good reason.

Huge thank you and shout out to all of you who responded! It's so interesting to see how WDW Addiction seeps into our daily lives.

Alright, now it's your turn. What is it that makes you a WDW Addict? You can respond in the comments or come on Twitter and respond that way as well. Just make sure to use the tag #wdwaddict so others can find it!

Also, still enlisting your help. I had some great ideas from you all about a closing line, but I'm still looking for if you have one, be sure to let me know in the comments section as well!

Enjoy being a WDW Addict. Gosh knows I am! (Maybe we all need WDW-Anonymous?)

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