Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fastpass Top 10

Updated:  1/31/14:  I see that this has become a popular post again, probably due to Fastpass+ being enacted.  For more information about Fastpass+, read this post. I have also recently written an updated post of attractions you should consider choosing FastPass+ for, which can be found here. I hope you enjoy your vacation! 

It's that time of year where families are just beginning deciding what they want to do for this year's family vacation. And for many people, they consider Disney as their vacation destination. Because of that, many websites have started relaying articles with tips for making the best Disney vacation.

AOL recently had an article of their top 10 attraction which should be Fastpassed. (For those who are unaware, Fastpass is a service Disney provides for free that basically holds your place in line for you. You put your park ticket in the Fastpass machine and it will spit back a ride time window for you to come back to the attraction during. Then you can do whatever you want in the park until your Fastpass is active. That is except get another Fastpass--unless the time window is greater than 2 hours from the time you got the Fastpass in the first place. Take a look at the bottom of your ticket to see when you can get another Fastpass for another attraction.)

Here is what they listed as their tips for the top 10 attractions to Fastpass:

1. Space Mountain (MK)
2. Mission:Space (EP)
3. Kilimanjaro Safaris (AK)
4. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS)
5. Expedition Everest (AK)
6. Splash Mountain (MK)
7. Kali River Rapids (AK)
8. Soarin (EP)
9. Test Track (EP)
10. Rock n' Roller Coaster (DHS)

Now, some of these I agree with but of course there were some that were left off this list that are glaringly missing. After touring the parks multiple times, I have my own idea on which attractions should be Fastpassed. Here is my top 10 tips.

1. Toy Story Midway Mania (DHS) - This attraction is absolutely pertinent to get a Fastpass for, especially if you want to ride it more than once. The line for this attraction is always super long, even in the off-peak times. (Although, in the off-peak times, I do find the wait a tiny bit more manageable, but still, it's better to get the Fastpass.) You will need to make sure to get a Fastpass early in the morning for this attraction though, as they run out EXTREMELY quickly! The only downside, if you do Fastpass the attraction, you miss out on seeing the really cool Mr. Potato Head Audio Anamatronic. Although, then again, maybe it's good you missed him...he sometimes gets old fast.
2. Soarin (EP) - Under most circumstances, I will not stand in line for this attraction unless I have a Fastpass. The line is always super long and the queue is quite boring to wait in for an hour, despite the fact that there are games that help keep you occupied during your wait. Trust me, get the Fastpass. You won't regret it.
3. Test Track (EP) - This is another attraction where if I don't have to wait in line, I'm not going to. It's another super long line without the Fastpass option. And it can be quite noisy in there as well, which can give you a headache if you have to wait for a very long time. Although this is an attraction that I like to hit up with the Single Rider option as well, since it is one of the few attractions on property with that option.
4. Space Mountain (MK) - This attraction was always one I would Fastpass, but now that it's been recently renewed, interest in this already popular attraction has increased. Sure there are games to keep you company in this attraction's line too, but I'd much rather avoid the games all together and hop on the ride with a minimal wait and Fastpass is the best way to do that.
5. Expedition Everest (AK) - This is another attraction where if you don't ride single rider, (which I frequently do, since I'm usually at this park alone) you need to Fastpass. It's a popular attraction at a park with minimal rides. Fastpass is going to be your friend here.
6. Rock n' Roller Coaster (DHS) - Once again, another attraction I'll ride with either the single rider option or Fastpass only. The line for this one CRAWLS with nothing to keep you occupied. There's not even much that's fun to look at.
7. Peter Pan's Flight (MK) - That's right...I said a kiddie ride. This attraction is best served up with a Fastpass. I can't see waiting in an hour plus wait for a dark ride, no matter how cool it is.
8. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (MK) - I much rather get the Fastpass for this one over it's sister mountain, Splash. This one always seems to have misleading wait times for me. And it's another one that seems to CRAWL. So, I do the Fastpass Big Thunder, get in the standby line for Splash, then head back to Big Thunder combo. Works much better. Although, if you choose, you can do it the other way. I just prefer to wait in Splash's line more. It seems to move more.
9. Winnie The Pooh (MK) - Yep. Another kiddie ride. But trust me, you'll need Fastpass on this one too...or you'll loose your sanity. (I swear I know the spiel for the attraction by heart...I hear the Spanish version in my sleep!)
10. Tower of Terror (DHS) - Granted, this one can be a toss up, I've seen this line be non-existent...however, when the crowds are there, this is one you want to Fastpass. Although, this does have a pretty darn cool queue. It might just be worth it to stand in line...if it's not too terribly long.

So, that's my list of my top 10 Fastpass attractions, but what are yours? Let me know in the comments section!


WDW Tweets said...

I totally agree with your number one pick. If you're only going to use FP once on your entire trip, it should be at Toy Story Midway Mania.

I've never found the crowds to be so large as to warrant a FP at Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh, though. Maybe that's because of the time of year that we visit.

I agree with their pick of Kilimanjaro Safaris. In my opinion, it's well worth riding it twice. So, get a FP and then stand in line.

Ray said...

Great posts. I agree w/ your least and with those rides you really need them especially Peter Pan Flight. That line is deceptive. You think it is short until you turn the corner. The only one that I would add is Jungle Cruise when it is busy. Mainly because I like to walk through the short line, when it is crowded and see all the people who did not get a Fastpass. Again, another great post.

Susie said...

I agree with you on Splash/Thunder. Especially during the summer, the line for Thunder is SO HOT, and parts of the Splash queue are cooler.

I'm not a fan of Winnie the Pooh, so in place of it I'd pick Mission: Space. Great post though!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that you MUST get a Fastpass for Toy Story because riding twice is a necessity. I also think that a Jungle Cruise Fastpass is needed especially if you want to ride it in the evening when it is "junglier" LOL