Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I'm Thankful For (Disney Style)

It's that time of year. The time to be thankful for the blessings in our lives. To really look at the things that matter. And while this list is a little trivial and goofy ...some of it actually means stuff to me. So, let's delve right in. :)

First off, I'm thankful for Walt Disney. Without this visionary, we wouldn't have WDW to obsess about. And it's his dream that gives us all so much joy. Walt was truly one of a kind and although he was taken before he should have been, he definitely left his stamp on the world for sure.

I'm thankful for the imagineers who created some of the best WDW attractions. From the Haunted Mansion to Space Mountain, to Splash Mountain, to Soarin, to Test Track, to World Showcase, to Toy Story Midway Mania, to Rock n' Roller Coaster, to Expedition Everest. All of these attractions and many more helped to create the fun atmosphere we get to enjoy as well. WDW would be nothing without these people.

I'm thankful for all those little hidden jokes that are included in so many rides and areas of the parks. They make the quest to find out more about WDW that much more enticing.

I'm thankful for whomever decided to put that kind of wonderful chocolate on ice cream to make the Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar!

I'm thankful for the fireplace at the Wilderness Lodge. It's where I've had some of the best times with my husband as we just sit there in the "relative" quiet and fall asleep in each other's arms.

I'm thankful also for the same reason about the Poly beach. Just another great place where I can spend quality time with my hubby.

I'm thankful for the TTA. Even though they've changed the spiel of this attraction to something a little more trite, it's still one of my favorite spots to just wind down and enjoy the Magic Kingdom.

I'm thankful for Streetmosphere characters. They give me a laugh every time I walk by. Improv is not easy, but they make it look like it is.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to cream my hubby at Toy Story Midway Mania. It makes for a fun ride because we're constantly trying to outdo and beat each other...and we're always close so it really feeds into our competitive natures. We never know who's gonna come out on top until the very end and then victory is sweet. (Or loss is sour, depending on what end of the spectrum I'm at.)

I'm thankful for LeCellier's Maple Creme Brulee. Best thing I've ever eaten!

I'm thankful for the great music that's played around WDW. Since the music is so epic, it follows you home and anywhere you hear it, you get sucked right in and it takes you right back to the parks. Transporting you to Splash Mountain or Soarin or Future World and actually making you feel like you're there!

And most of all, I'm thankful for the podcast and the Disney community. The podcast has afforded me something I never thought I'd have in my entire life. An outlet to talk about my number 1 passion in life. And I love it so much! It is honestly one of the things I look forward to each week when I get the opportunity to sit down and talk and laugh with Mike, Debbie, and Pam. I couldn't ask for a better team and we are so lucky we get along like the family that we do.

But the best thing the podcast has brought me to be thankful for is you all. Your friendships mean everything. There's nothing I get more excited about than checking my Twitter account first thing in the morning. Or getting a break so I can check out the Be Our Guest Podcast forums. Getting the opportunity to share in your triumphs and tribulations and really become a family, because that's what we are, is absolutely incredible.

So thank you all. From the bottom of my heart. My life would be a little less brighter without all your support and love.

These are just a few items I'm thankful for. Of course there are many, many more. But I could go on for hours and barely scratch the surface.

And so that brings me to you. What is it that you're Disney thankful for?

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