Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Epcot's 2010 Flower and Garden Festival Info

As mentioned in my Sunday blog post, some of the 2010 Flower & Garden Festival information has been released. There's lots of great new stuff that's been added, along with some favorites that are still around, so let's take a look at what next year's festivities are to hold.

First off, the festival will kick off earlier than it ever has before, starting March 3, 2010 and lasting through May 16. This will mean the festivities will last a full 75 days.

There are plenty of new activities that have been announced for this year. First off is the new Bambi Butterfly House. This will take place of the former Minnie's Magnificent Butterfly Garden. Guests will be able to wander through large screened enclosures, watching in wonder as up to 700 butterflies fly around you. This will be a bigger area for the butterflies, clocking in at 3,500 sq. feet.

There will also be a new special garden area, called the New Victory Garden, where the fab five will be situated in topiary form at the American Adventure pavilion tending to veggies in a Victory Garden--a salute to the history of WWII gardens.

The Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden is going to be expanded featuring new characters from the newest DVD release.

New Mickey and Minnie topiaries are going to be introduced at the World Showcase Plaza, featuring American Gothic versions of the duo, based off a scene from the 1930 Grant Wood painting.

Finally, there will be a Pirate Adventure Zone, where characters from Peter Pan will be in topiary form in this interactive space found next to the Germany pavilion.

It's not just new things that will be featured this next year. The Flower Power concert will be back again, taking place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at the American Gardens Theater at 5:15, 6:30, and 7:45 pm. Plenty of top acts will be on hand for the festivities.

Disney will also be offering their Gardening at Home presentations where Disney horticulturalists will teach gardening tips and have hands-on, take-home activities. Plus Gardening Celebrities will let on some of their secrets in the Great American Gardeners series.

The former Wonders of Life Pavilion will be the host, once again, of the Garden Town Festival Center, the spot for picking up merchandise and attending special speaker presentations.

As a reminder, the festival is included with park admission and it looks to be an amazing festival, as it always is. It is one of my favorite times to go to the parks (even though I'm more of a brown thumb) as they are always so vibrant and colorful. The festival adds a unique and can't miss touch to an amazing theme park.

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